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Find out more about L.Y.F.E and AIESEC in UNMC's Global Citizen Programme!


<ul><li><p>Partnering sponsorship: Powered by: </p><p>Light Your Future, Eureka! (L.Y.F.E) </p><p>AIESEC IN THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM </p><p>MALAYSIA CAMPUS Presents you </p><p>10th March to 22nd April 2015 </p></li><li><p>AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through </p><p>leadership development experiences. AIESEC has been facilitating youth </p><p>leadership activities as well as international internships &amp; volunteer </p><p>experiences for over 66 years, developing a global environment across 125 </p><p>countries &amp; territories. </p><p>WH</p><p>AT </p><p>IS A</p><p>IESE</p><p>C </p><p>Our Values </p><p>Activating Leaderships </p><p>Demonstrating Integrity </p><p>Living Diversity </p><p>Striving for Excellence </p><p>Enjoying Participation </p><p>Acting Sustainability </p></li><li><p>AIE</p><p>SEC</p><p> IN N</p><p>UM</p><p>BER</p><p>S </p></li><li><p>PR</p><p>OJE</p><p>CT </p><p>DET</p><p>AIL</p><p>S </p><p>L.Y.F.E is a career development based project initiated </p><p>by AIESEC in The University of Nottingham Malaysia </p><p>Campus (UNMC) to provide Malaysias youth with the right awareness of career paths from beginning to the </p><p>end, through cultivating necessary soft skills </p><p>knowledge and developing self reflection. Exchange </p><p>participants from all around the world will be facilitating </p><p>the project as well as the students learning experience. </p></li><li><p>PR</p><p>OJE</p><p>CT </p><p>DET</p><p>AIL</p><p>S Why we do what we do </p><p>Majority of young individuals in Malaysia are finding it difficult to </p><p>decide which career/courses to pursue after finishing secondary school </p><p>from variety of choices available. Everyone has been that stage when we </p><p>could not find our interest and decide which course to take in university. </p><p>This project was initiated to ensure Malaysias young generation will develop the right attitude and passion for their career to improve </p><p>themselves and Malaysias stand in the world. </p><p>AIESEC in UNMC strongly believes that exchange participants from LYFE </p><p>project will empower the Malaysian students by creating awareness of </p><p>importance of tertiary education, providing better understanding of </p><p>career opportunities and further developing the soft skills of the upper </p><p>secondary school students. </p></li><li><p>PR</p><p>OJE</p><p>CT </p><p>DET</p><p>AIL</p><p>S Job Descriptions </p><p>Training </p><p> Attend training provided by UNMC Career Office to learn about project execution </p><p>Preparation </p><p> Prepare career awareness and soft skills development workshop for secondary school students </p><p> Approaching partners for LYFE Conference </p><p>Execution </p><p> Conduct workshops in secondary schools </p><p> Review delivery of workshop and rework </p><p>Review </p><p> Review performance with UNMC Career Office </p><p> Improve the workshops </p><p>Reflection </p><p> Editing video to reflect on the impact to the society for the past 5 weeks </p></li><li><p>PR</p><p>OJE</p><p>CT </p><p>DET</p><p>AIL</p><p>S What we provide </p><p>Assistance in the application of </p><p>visa and all necessary </p><p>paperwork and airport pickup </p><p>Accommodation </p><p>Transportation to work-related place </p><p>TOTAL PROGRAMME FEE: MYR 300 AIESEC is a non-profit organization. The fee is collected to cover your accommodation and our administrative processes to keep us financially sustainable so we can continue to provide quality exchange experiences. </p></li><li><p>PR</p><p>OJE</p><p>CT </p><p>DET</p><p>AIL</p><p>S What do we expect from you </p><p> Passion and eager to make an impact on the society </p><p> Have basic communication skills </p><p> Independent, responsible and punctual individuals </p><p> Eager to experience new cultures and showcase your home country </p><p> Have basic career awareness </p></li><li><p>PR</p><p>OJE</p><p>CT </p><p>DET</p><p>AIL</p><p>S What can you gain </p><p>Gain practical leadership experience </p><p>and valuable knowledge </p><p>Create positive impact to the society and build the awareness among </p><p>the students </p><p>More understanding of variety of cultures </p><p>Strengthen your CV Interact with volunteers </p><p>from all around the world </p></li><li><p>PAST</p><p> EV</p><p>ENT </p><p>L.Y.F.E Conference 2014 </p><p>L.Y.F.E Conference is a Malaysian version of summer camp. It is aligned with </p><p>the main aims of L.Y.F.E project which are to increase career awareness and </p><p>improve soft skills among the secondary school students. </p></li><li><p>PAST</p><p> EV</p><p>ENT </p><p>L.Y.F.E Conference 2014 </p></li><li><p>CO</p><p>NTA</p><p>CT </p><p>Do not hesitate to contact us for more inquiries! </p><p>Tee Wei Li Director of Light Your Future, Eureka! (L.Y.F.E.) 2014/2015 Global Community Development Programme Project Management AIESEC in The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Member of AIESEC in Malaysia Email: Mobile: +60-14-2226362 </p><p>Jessica Rosadi Junior Executive 2014/2015 Global Community Development Programme Project Management AIESEC in The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Member of AIESEC in Malaysia Email: Mobile:+60-11-3685-1422 </p></li><li><p>DISCOVER YOUR PASSION, EMBRACE YOUR TALENT! </p></li><li><p>The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus </p></li></ul>