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  • 1. Objectives Learn what is the perfect OC for OPS Learn what kind of sessions you should deliver in a OPS Mentor Ana Cristina Huerta Mungua VP OGX 2013 in Len, Mxico MCB IT 2014
  • 2. When? Where? How many people? Planning Budget Synergy Staff Food Material Faci & chair Sessions VP oGIP Execution OPS OCP OCVP Logistics staff OCVP FNZ OCVP MKT OCP RMT OCP OPS
  • 3. Why one day OPS? Make sure to set the correct Faci and the time for each session RA Make sure that each faci has the material that they need. MA RE EP MUST have Less time her/his EP ID Less logistics Cheaper Important information delivered
  • 4. Intro Why are we here? Presentation Chair Faci OGX Team Staff 1 hour Get to know each other Ice breakers Build trust Objectives of the OPS Expectations Chair Faci Team EPs 30 min. Time is optional
  • 5. Work Abroad My @ World AIESEC History LC history AIESEC Culture Careful 30 min. 30 min. How can I go for internship? EP Flow Next Steps Product and segments explanation Country opportunities Expectation Settings 30 min. Cultural shock and mexican ambassor Cultural Shock Prepare themselves 30 min. for the internship
  • 6. XPP Basic regulations Standards of internship Expectation settings What the EP have to do if the things not going well? Matching tip and tricks Matchingmanias FB groups Cooperations 15 min. 30 min. My X experience Prepare the sessions Be dinamic Returnee sharing GIP 20 min.
  • 7. Do not forget to get your OPS certification! For further questions, do not hesitate to contact me: