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  • Adv Animal Science Breed Book Vol IV Sheep Breeds
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  • Hampshire Origin: England Breed Characteristics: large-framed terminal (meat breed) with open fleece, black legs and face with unbroken wool cap extending over the poll Other:
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  • Merino Origin: Spain Breed Characteristics: white-faced, open-faced breed bred for wool production; smaller-bodied than meat breeds Other: very common in dry, arid areas; one of the most prominent breeds in Australia
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  • Cheviot Origin: Scotland/England border Breed Characteristics: white-faced, long-wool breed with the head completely free of wool; smaller bodied than some terminal breeds; typically alert temperament Other: Dual-purpose breed
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  • Suffolk Origin: England Breed Characteristics: black- faced, large-bodied terminal breed with face and poll free of wool. Other: Popular breed registry and club lamb breed (although recently overtaken in popularity by Hampshire)
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  • Romney Origin: England Breed Characteristics: white-faced, long-wool breed with wool completely down the legs; medium size in body Other: dual-purpose breed; first imported to US to Monmouth, OR
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  • Columbia Origin: US (Sheep Experiment Station ID) Breed Characteristics: very large-framed, white face wool breed with medium wool; wool cap; rams can be as large as 400 pounds Other: bred specifically for use in Western US rangeland
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  • Finn Origin: Finland Breed Characteristics: highly prolific breed with typically multiple births (2- 5 lambs); small bodied, white-faced/wool with fine medium-wool Other: lots of crossbreeding to increase birthing rate
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  • Dorset Origin: England Breed Characteristics: large-framed dual- purpose, with very white fleece and face; wool down the legs and over the poll (wool cap); both horned and polled varieties Other: prolific out-of- season breeder
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  • Texel Origin: Netherlands Breed Characteristics: terminal breed with remarkable muscling characteristics; distinctive wide, short white-face with horizontal ears Other: muscling easily passed on to crossbreed offspring; dominant terminal breed in Europe
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  • Polypay Origin: US (USDA Sheep Experiment Station, ID) in 1970 Breed Characteristics: white-faced, medium- wool breed designed to produce high numbers of lambs per year Other: composite of Finn, Rambouillet, Dorset, and Targhee
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  • Border Leicester Origin: England Breed Characteristics: White-faced polled breed with large body size, upright ears Other: long wool once used extensively in carpets, now prized by hand spinners
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  • Lincoln Origin: England Breed Characteristics: was the largest of the English breeds; long-wool breed with white face and wool hanging in long locks Other: Rarer breeds of sheep


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