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The Breeds of Sheep. By: Hayley Wilson. Different Classifications of Sheep. Fine Wool Long Wool Meat Hair . Fine Wool Sheep. American Cormo. Originated in Tasmania from Lincoln, Australian Merino, Superfine Saxon Merino Introduced to the U.S. in 1976 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Breeds of Sheep

By: Hayley WilsonThe Breeds of SheepDifferent Classifications of SheepFine WoolLong Wool MeatHair

Fine Wool SheepAmerican CormoOriginated in Tasmania from Lincoln, Australian Merino, Superfine Saxon MerinoIntroduced to the U.S. in 1976They have open-faces and are hardy and adaptable to harsh climatic conditions. Produce white, long stapled, high yielding fine wool.

Facts about the American CormoMature Body weight: Ram- 160-200 lbs Ewe:- 120-160 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 5-8 lbsYield: 50-65%

DebouilletCross between a Delaine Merino and a Rambouillet.White Faced with wool on the legsVery hardy and can lamb unassisted under range conditions. Also have a well developed flocking instinct.

Facts about the DebouilletMature Body Weight: Ram: 220-275 lbs Ewe: 125- 150 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 9 - 14 lbsYield: 45-55%

Delaine-MerinoDeveloped from the Spanish Merino.They are smooth bodied, intermediate in size with wool going down the legs. They are hardy, long-lived with a well developed flock instinct.Suited well to hill country locations

Facts about the Delaine-MerinoMature Body Weight: Ram: 190-240 lbs Ewe: 125-160 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 9-14 lbsYield: 45-54%

RambouilletDeveloped from Spanish Merino This breed is the foundation of the U.S. range flocks. Largest of fine wool breedsRugged and very adaptableHas extended breeding season and produces a high quality, fine wool fleece

Facts about the RambouilletMature Body Weight: Ram: 200-300 lbs Ewe: 140-180 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 10-15 lbsYield: 45-55%

Long Wool SheepLincolnOriginated in England and was imported into the U.S. in 1825. A large, deep bodied sheep with a large frame.Sturdy and fully wooled except for the lower part of the front legsPolled with a bluish-white face and forward pointing ears

Facts about the LincolnMature Body Weight: Ram: 240-300 lbs Ewe: 200-250 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 12-16 lbsYield: 55-70%

PerendaleOriginated in New Zealand.They are an open faced, medium framed breed.Were developed as an easy care sheep.They are both hardy and highly adapted to marginal forage-producing areas.

Facts about the PerendaleMature Body Weight: Ram: 220-260 lbs Ewe: 120-150 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 8 lbsYield: 60-70%

RomneyDeveloped in England in the Romney Marsh region to withstand the cold and wet conditionsWas imported into the U.S. in 1904. Medium sized, white faced with wool on the legs.They are good mothers with milking ability

Facts about the RomneyMature Body Weight: Ram: 200-275 lbs Ewe: 150- 200 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 10-18 lbsYield: 55-70%

WensleydaleOriginated in the United Kingdom. Just recently was introduced into the U.S. Is a very large, prolific long-wool sheep.

Facts about the WensleydaleMature Body Weight: Ewe: 200+Grease Fleece Weight: 16-20 lbsYeild: N/A

Meat SheepDorsetOriginated in Southern England, and was imported into the U.S. in 1885Medium sized, white faced, and has wool down the legsNoted for their aseasonal breeding.Ewes are prolific, heavy milkers, long lived and produced hardy lambs with moderate growth and maturity

Facts about the DorsetMature Body Weight: Ram: 225-275 lbs Ewe: 150-200 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 5-8 lbsYield: 50-65%

HampshireIs widely used in the U.S. for commercial lamb production.They are a large, moderately prolific with wool caps, black faces, and medium wool fleeced.Very good milking ability, growth and carcass cutability

Facts about the HampshireMature Body weight: Ram: 250-350 lbs Ewe: 175-250 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 6-10 lbsYeild: 50-60%

ShropshireOriginated in England with was brought into the U.S. in 1855. Medium to large framed with a dark face and wool down the legsLambs are hardy, fast growing and produce lean, well muscled carcasses

Facts about the ShropshireMature Body Weight: Ram: 225-290 lbs Ewe: 170-200 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 6-10 lbsYield: 50-60%

SuffolkWas brought to the U.S. in 1888.The largest breed in the U.S. Has a bare and black head and legsIs prolific and a good milker, so lambs grow rapidly.

Facts about the SuffolkMature Body Weight: Ram: 275-400 lbs Ewe: 200-300 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 4-8 lbsYield: 50-60%

SouthdownOne of the oldest sheep breeds. Imported to the U.S. in 1803Is a small to medium sized breed with a light brown face and wool down the legs. They are early maturing and adaptable to live in almost any climate

Facts about the SouthdownMature Body Weight: Ram: 180-230 lbs Ewe: 120-180 lbsGrease Fleece Weight: 5-8 lbsYield: 40-55%

Hair SheepDorperWas developed in the early 1900s in South Africa. They are solid white, or white with black heads.They are hardy and adaptable to almost any climateNon selective grazers Lambs have rapid growth and early maturity

Facts about the DorperMaturity Body Weight: Ram: 220-250 lbs Ewe: 170-200 lbs

Are There Any Questions?1. What breed is known for their aseasonal breeding?2. Which breed was just recently introduced into the U.S.?3. Which breed is the largest breed in the U.S.?Review Questions