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  • Adding Value to Business Equations byRightsourcing

    As companies hunt for ways to enhance their performance, increase business value, grow

    profits and expand their consumer circle, your organization can gain a competitive edge by

    delegating major functions to specialized and efficient service providers who can ultimately

    be your valued business partners.

    By strategically utilizing the service

    providers, you can bring in quick

    expansion in business, great flexibility

    with enhanced efficiency in business

    processes and achieve an innovative

    approach to deliver solutions.

    Lets explore the top 8 benefits

    of Right Sourcing:

    1. Focus on Core Competencies

    Amount of work increases with an

    increase in non-core functions and as

    your business expands the quality of

    your core functions starts degrading.

    Delegating your work to external experts will help you in delivering value added solutions

    along with utilizing your important resources for core business activities by spending their

    time in the most productive manner.

    2. Run your business Round the Clock

    By delegating work to service providers from countries which falls under different

    timezones, you can take the added advantage of running your business 24X7. Your service

    partner can work and deliver business results even after you wrap up for the day, resulting

    in reduced TTM (Time-To-Market).

  • 3. Engage with Innovative Business Solutions

    With continuous change in technology, the expectations of customer and ambitions of

    entrepreneurs keep on accelerating. With social, mobile, cloud computing and big data

    converging, business leaders seek to capitalize on opportunities to innovate business


    By having a development partner, you can bring in innovation in terms of understanding

    clients requirement, challenges, suggesting new ideas and ways which can add value to your


    4. Delight your Customer with Expertise

    A business partner with specific expertise can provide a high quality service and on-time

    deliverables which will help you give a WOW Experience to your customers. This not only

    offers you a benefit of enhanced client satisfaction but also provides a stream of loyal


    5. Join hands via Flexible Engagement models

    Business association with experts gives you an opportunity to gain benefits of having a long

    term partnership with organizations by associating with their engagement models like Fixed

    Price Model, Revenue Sharing Model and Resource Sharing Model.

    These models bring complete flexibility in developing project specification and modifying the

    specification based on changing market needs.

    6. Easy Adaptability to Changing Technology

    IT service provider provides software migration services to new technologies with utmost

    ease, minimum downtime with increased productivity and quality.

    7. Complete Transfer of Ownership and Accountability

    By delegating responsibilities your business development partner you can free the in-house

    employees from handling functions that are difficult to manage and control along with

    enhancing the risk management.

    Contracting lets you completely transfer accountability of the project to your business

    partner for bringing in business results.

    8. Accelerate the business by gaining a competitive edge

    The prime benefit of right sourcing is that it facilitates your business to obtain an aggressive

    edge in the market. Through strategic sourcing, you can provide the best of breed services to

    your customers along with reduced Operational Expenses.

  • Adding Value to Business Equations by RightsourcingLets explore the top 8 benefits ofRight Sourcing:


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