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Hey guys, Here is the slide deck! Do download it by clicking on the awesome save button just above the slides.


  • 1. Nicholas Yap, Daryl Leong, Isaac Leow

2. THERE ARE ManyANIMALS LIVING IN THE WORLD 3. AND THEY ALL REPRODUCE 4. AND.. WHAT IS DAT? 5. REPRODUCTION IS 6. WHAT? 7. THAT IS WHY ANIMALS 8. THAT IS WHY ANIMALS ME NO KNOW DAT! 9. Attracting Mates focuses on this one! 10. The peacock has bright and colourful feathers, and make deep rumbling love calls in their mating repertoire to attract the female. It also has a mating dance to attract female partners as well, similar to the male hummingbird. The female peacocks, known as peahens, have comparatively drab feathers, so as to avoid detection by predators.


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