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Du 1 Du 2 Du 3 Du 4 Du 5 Du 6 Du 7 Du 8 Du 9 Du 10 Du 11 Du 12 Du 13 Du 14

long strength hip transfer hip radiance pass life gate hanging hinge vertebrae center center hinge sinew shrink leading to radiance ghost support spirit path body column kiln-fired path big knot

chang qiang yao shu yao yang guan ming men xuan shu ji zhong zhong shu jin suo zhi yang ling tai shen dao shen zhu tao dao da zhui

connecting point

between coccyx & anus sacral hiatus below L4 below L2 below L1 below T11 below T10 below T9 below T7 below T6 below T5 below T3

meets bladder channel

below T1

meets bladder; gallbladder; and stomach just below C7 1/2" below posterior hairline 1" above posterior hair line 2 1/2 " above posterior hairline 4" above posterior hairline 5 1/2" above posterior hairline meets all yang channels, sea of marrow point 7" above posterior hairline, above ears, vertex 3 1/2" above anterior hairline, 1 1/2" in front of du 20 2" above anterior hairline 1of 13 ghost points meets stomach channel 1" above anterior hairline 1/2" above anterior hairline point of nose

Du 15 Du 16 Du 17 Du 18 Du 19 Du 20 Du 21 Du 22 Du 23 Du 24 Du 25

mute gate wind warehouse brain door strong interval

ya men feng fu nao hu qiang jian hou ding bai hui qiang ding xin hui shang xing shen ting su liao

yang wei point sea of marrow and yang wei point meets bladder channel

empress/back spike hundred gather front spike cranial-joint gather upper star spirit garden origin fossa water sluce/person center hole edge

Du 26 Du 27

/ shui gou/ren zhong dui duan

1/3 from top of philtrum edge of upper lip/bottom of the philtrum

Du 28

gum intersection

yin jiao

at the frenulum junction between the gum and the upper lip

Ren 1 Ren 2 Ren 3

gather condensation turn bone

hui yin qu gu zhong ji

connecting point

perineum at the upper border of the pubic symphysis

middle pack-harness

front mu point for bladder 4" below navel front mu point for small intestine

Ren 4 Ren 5 Ren 6 Ren 7 Ren 8 Ren 9 Ren 10 Ren 11

pass primary stone gate steam-energy sea condensation intersection spirit fault water division lower gastric construct countymile

guan yuan shi men qi hai yin jiao shen que shui fen xia wan jian li

3" below navel

front mu point for san jiao 2" below navel 1 1/2" below navel meets chong and kidney channels 1" below navel navel 1" above navel meets spleen channel 2" above navel

Ren 12 Ren 13 Ren 14 Ren 15 Ren 16

middle gastric upper gastric giant fault dove tail middle garden

zhong wan shang wan ju que jiu wei zhong ting

3" above navel front mu point of stomach, influential point of fu organs, meets san jiao; spleen; and small intestine channels 4" above navel 5" above navel front mu point of heart connecting point 6" above navel 1" below xipho/sternal joint midline level with 5th intercostal space

Ren 17 Ren 18 Ren 19 Ren 20 Ren 21 Ren 22 Ren 23

breastbone middle jade hall purple palace gaudycover ball stool/desk celestial thrust reasons spring

tan zhong yu tang zi gong hua gai xuan ji tian tu lian quan

front mu point of pericardium, sea of qi between nipples level with point, influential point of qi 4th intercostal space midline level with 3rd intercostal space midline level with 2nd intercostal space midline level with first intercostal space center of manubrium yin link point yin link point middle of the suprasternal fossa above the adams apple on the uppper border of the hyoid bone

Ren 24 LU 1 LU 2 LU 3 LU 4 LU 5

support squirt middle warehouse cloud gate celestial warehouse chivalry white foot-length creek

cheng jiang zhong fu yun men tian fu xia bai chi ze

1of 13 ghost points front mu point of lung

center of the madolabial groove 6" lateral of the midline level with the 1rst intercostal 6" lateral of the midline level with the infra clavicular fossa 3" below axillary fold on radial side of biceps brachialis 4" below axillary fold on radial side of biceps brachialis

he-sea point, water point, in the cubital crease on the lung sedation point radial side of biceps tendon palmar forearm inline with lung 7&9 on radial styloid, 7" above wrist crease

LU 6

aperture latest

kong zui

LU 7 LU 8

line empty/divit sutra ditch

lie que jing qu

xi-cleft point connecting point, confluent point of ren channel, proximal to styloid process general point for head and of radius, 1 1/2" from wrist kneck crease 1" proximal to wrist crease in depression lateral to jing-river point, metal point artery

LU 9 LU 10

extreme abyss fish edge

tai yuan yu ji

shu-stream point, earth point to tone lungs, yuan- at the radial end of the wrist primary point, influential crease, in the depression, point of blood vessels lateral to the artery midway along the 1rst ying-spring point, fire point metacarpal bone, at the to control lungs border of red & white skin radial side of thumb 1/10" jing-well point, wood point proximal to nail radial side of index finger jing-well point, metal point 1/10" proximal to nail the depression on the radial ying-spring point, water side of the index finger, point to reduce large distal to the 2nd intestine channel metacarpophelangeal joint with a loose fist, in depression proximal to metacarpophelangial joint, on radial side of index finger on the dorsum of the hand between the 1rst & 2nd metacarpals at the point where your thumb falls, middle of radial side of 2nd m.c. on the radial side of the wrist in the depression between the tendons behind the raised thumb 3" proximal to wrist in line from base of thumb to bend of elbow

LU 11

tiny coin-clank

shao shang

LI 1

coin-clank radiance

shang yang

LI 2

second interval

er jian

LI 3

third interval

san jian

shu-stream point, wood point

LI 4

connect valley radiating mountainstream inclination-to experience

he gu

yuan-primary point, general point for face & mouth jing-river point, fire point to control large intestine channel connecting point

LI 5 LI 6

yang xi pian li

LI 7 LI 8 LI 9 LI 10

warm drip-puddle lower distinction upper distinction hand third countrymile

wen liu xia lian shang lian shou san li

xi-cleft point

5" proximal to wrist on line from thumb to bend line of elbow 4" distal to cubital crease on line from thumb to bend line of elbow 3" distal to cubital crease on line from thumb to bend line of elbow 2" distal to cubital crease on line from thumb to bend line of elbow in the depression at the end of the cubital crease of a flexed elbow 1" above cubital crease on lateral humeral border in a line from the cubital crease to the anterior shoulder depression, 3" above the cubital crease 7" above the cubital crease, in line to the anterior shoulder depression anterior depression of shoulder joint, found with arm abducted laterally above the shoulder, in the depression between the clavicular acromion and the spine of the scapula lateral to the midpoint of the adams apple, behind the sternocleidomastoid muscle lateral to the tip of the adams apple, between the sternocleidomastoid heads below the lateral margin of the nostril

LI 11 LI 12

turn pond elbow fossa hand fifth countrymile

qu chi zhou liao

he-sea point, earth point to tonify large intestine

LI 13

shou wu li

LI 14

forelimb-elbow shin shoulder claviclepoint

bi nao

LI 15

jian yu

yang heel point

LI 16

giant bone

ju gu

yang heel point

LI 17 LI 18 LI 19

celestial pivot/tripod useful thrust mouth/orifice grain fossa

tian ding fu tu kou he liao

LI 20 St 1 St 2 St 3

greeting fragrance

ying xing cheng qi si bai ju liao yang heel point yang heel point yang heel point

receive/contain tear four white giant fossa

lateral to the ala nasi directly below the pupil, between the eye ball and the lower orbital ridge directly below the pupil, in the infraorbital foramen directly below the pupil, even with the ala nasi directly below the pupil, lateral to the corner of the mouth anterior to the mandibular angle and masseter, in depression with cheek bulged

St 4

earthen storehouse

di cang

St 5

big greeting

da ying

yang heel point

St 6 St 7 St 8 St 9

cheek car/wheels lower passage scoop hitch/rope person greeting

jia che xia guan tou wei ren ying

a finger width above and anterior to the lower mandibular angle anterior to the ear, in the meets yang ming and shao depression felt with the yang channels mouth closed yang wei point, meets gall 1/2" above the hariline and bladder channel 4 1/2" lateral the midline level with the tip of the adams apple, anterior to the sea of qi point sternocleidomastoid midway between the adams apple and collar bone on anterior border of sternocleidomastoid above the sternal clavicular joint, between the heads of the sternocleidomastoid middle supraclavicular fossa below the clavicle, 4" lateral to the midline 1rst intercostal space, 4" lateral to the midline 2nd intercostal space, 4" lateral to the midline 3rd intercostal space, 4" lateral to the midline 4th intercostal space, midnipple 5th intercostal space, 4" lateral to the midline, below nipple 6" above navel, 2" lateral to the midline 5" above navel, 2" lateral to the midline 4" above navel, 2" the midline 3" above navel, 2" the midline 2" above navel, 2" the midl


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