Action Plan Week 1

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Action Plan

Action PlanWeek 1

Initial ThoughtsFor our initial thoughts we wrote what props we would use, how the story would go, who is in our production, etc.We decided to use as a way of portraying our initial thoughts, we chose as it was more visually interesting then doing a mind map on word document.

Genre ResearchFor our genre research we looked into the movies that we felt had a similar genre and the same sort of feel that we wanted for our film. We created two blog posts on this, one stating the films that we were researching into, and the other was a Prezi on films with an unconventional romantic comedy, we closely looked into each film and analysed the techniques used to create the unconventional romantic comedy.

Defining Our AudienceIn order to define our audience, we looked at the results from our first media film. The results from this showed that our audience was both male and female with an age range from 16-20 years old.While defining our audience, we chose our genre for our songs, and from this picked some initial songs.

What We DidGenre researchTrailers for Warm Bodies, 500 Days of Summer, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls and Scary Movie.We also ended up working on our Defining Our Audience post on our blog