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Our language of thought and thought of language has limited our world, but we are breaking into a New Beginning, that will give us a new set of tools, and language we will use differently now, Christ no longer being limited to the past.


  • 1. A new set of A B C 's theodore cottingham www.unc.bz
  • 2. A Bigger Cosmic Story
  • 3. are we as we seem to be? are we as we are told we are?
  • 4. going from X to Y timespace? spacetime? X Y
  • 5. is this that?
  • 6. are we half machine? The mind operates geometrically Geometry is math related, math driven, math understood created by, algorithm'd This holodeck universe consists of geometric fractals operating in a kaleidoscope of energy fields
  • 7. perception controlled by what?! Every word, every motive is energy that has been encoded by an algorithm, a program, a code.
  • 8. are THESE the things giving you perception of who you are? And if so, fully, or restrictively?
  • 9. The codecs of control limit sight, perception, movement, thought, understanding, creativity
  • 10. Is matter real, or does our mind make it so? Has our mind been programmed to do that? Humans are in a holographic holodeck force field world, a world of energy constricted by the encodement of its waves to be subject to electromagnetic forces
  • 11. magnetic humans in a magnetic world World is a force field A set of force fields within force fields Geometric force fields; limit, interact, expand, control, depending on governing variables Molecules respond to their programming, their code of codecs, DNA, etc. Proton, electron, shell, h-bar
  • 12. commonly held beliefs Evil Hell exists, separation Brutality, subservience Decimation of each other Murder, robbery, envy Be bad & go to your reward Die and be buried Good Heaven, Nirvana, exists A Messiah figure may return Better life, reincarnated Believe in being doing good Be good & go to your reward Die and be buried Is there A Bigger Cosmic Story
  • 13. For A Bigger Cosmic Story, we must Deal with our ABC's @ a Most Fundamental Level Deal with definitions: What 1 is. One = > 1 What God is What humans are What our powers are What our role is Quantum versus Newtonian; Unseen versus seen Change, transformation
  • 14. time before time we were we existed as I am infinite energy our imagination unrestricted we were what we called God God was one of many beings all equal operating out in and throughout one mind in perfect surrender we were perfect reproducing perfection in all our creations we were what God is As a race of GOD we had to mature we made new worlds hung planets in space created flora and fauna created races of beings like us none had fear, love pervaded lambs and lions played together, snakes had no fang there was no "food chain" slaughter did not exist
  • 15. time before time con't we: we laughed and played with our creations so perfectly nurturing our creations to be equal with us perfectly There was no separation of minds, we were all ONE We had no beginning and we have no end We are one I AM Our creations matured and created creations we: We were perfectly equal all powerful, nonmolecular not subject to time, space, gravity, or electromagnetism We operated by thought We traveled by thought We created by thought We were perfect in all out ways; no id, no ego, no want We were completely surrendered to each other
  • 16. time before time con't We could take any form We communicated without words We had no hierarchy We had no competition We had no lack Want does not exist We were light beings bodies of perfect light pure All operate out of one mind We were the perfect one
  • 17. What happened? our creations began to admire our creations our creations began to manifest want and then created a race subservient to receive energy from its creation time was created dimensions were created particles were created the mind separate took over fell "into" its creation self imaged self worlds were created by the separate mind and all who did so operated by trial and error, developing their own mind in their creation to be served by it ego advanced production of id fueled by want ever protecting its nature of separation planets were made and abolished; races were made, then made extinct, then new models were introduced
  • 18. What happened? con't Multiple races of mankind through millions of years all this developed through the mind of separation creating itself to experience itself in its manifestation of self imaged to self That's what we are now We FELL into our creation So who can redeem the many beings of many races on many planets? Who can redeem us from being half "Gods" and half flesh or machines stuck in our bodies of flesh Who can remove the veil of the flesh and circumcise our minds? Will you redeem your creation (s) beginning with you first?
  • 19. Jesus gave us the pattern Immortality everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. John 11:26 I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death. John 8:51 He that believes on the Son has everlasting life. John 3:36 Jesus Jesus the firstborn of many brethren Jesus is your brother Jesus is not an "exclusive" son; Jesus is a son, as you are; equal All he did you can do Jesus resurrected from the dead, now we do; out of the tomb of our earthly bodies
  • 20. a new heaven and new earth New communication tools needed New words New definitions New pictures Fearlessness Sense of adventure Surrender We are the one We were the one before time began Now we shall experience oneship, being the me that I am, without any self of ego, id, or separation We shall resurrect OUT of the flesh, and become seamless living as no one has ever dreamed before
  • 21. For A Bigger Cosmic Story, we must change our thinking, not This below ends now We change what runs on this We change the source of thought
  • 22. The Great Opportunity enter the kingdom of light -perfect perfection We can choose to enter the kingdom of the kings, the infinite creator, the king of kings that creates kings of all surrendered to become new creations that operate throughout the heavens, doing commerce, starting schools, operating outside all of the boundaries mankind knows This can only be surrendered to
  • 23. The Promise of The New Covenant is to experience it God in God God creates The creator creates creation of creators and creates creation again God is one All God is one God operates by the voice of God Israel Heaven Kingdom of God Kingdom of Heaven Infinite Perfect
  • 24. a new beginning can be brought forth Are you willing to give up your security of thought to not be bound by it?
  • 25. entering infinite the temple not made with hands I will adorn my glorious temple Isa 60:7 in my father's house
  • 26. tools What if What if "what if" became our favorite phrase What if "what are" became our next primary phrase What if the phrase "I want" was not spoken again What if "how would" began to open new doors Could it be that That would mean That would give rise to That would imply That would contradict That would correlate That would connect That would seem to Would that result in The intent of that then
  • 27. the A B C 's of Love www.unc.bz New A B C 's ?
  • 28. A Bigger Cosmic Story All Being Christ this is a New Beginning www.unc.bz