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These 7 Steps are prepared to help assist the average person to Success in a easy informative article.


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Duplication or distribution via e-mail, floppy disk, network, printout or other means to a person other than the original purchaser is a violation of international copyright law. Copyright 2006, Charlie Cook, In Mind Communications, LLC. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, by any means (including electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the publisher.Published by: Marketing For Success In Mind Communications, LLC 3 West End Avenue Old Greenwich, CT 06870 203-637-1118 ccook@marketingforsuccess.com 5. ContentsHow To Get More Clients 1 Becoming an expert marketer A marketing system that worksMake the Marketing Cycle Work For You 2 Understanding the marketing and sales cycleGetting Attention Step 1 Generating Awareness 4 Step 2 Motivating Prospects to Action 5Positioning Step 3 Establishing Credibility 7 Step 4 Clarifying Your Value8Selling Step 5 Getting a Commitment 9 Step 6 Providing Services that Increase Revenue10 Step 7 Maintaining the Relationship12Identifying The GAPS In Your Plan14 Setting Goals Getting Attention Positioning Selling Marketing Diagnostic Results 17 Your Areas of Marketing OpportunityYour Comments About This Manual18Stumped? 19 Copyright 2006Charlie CookInMind Communications, LLC 6. 7 Steps to Get More Clients and Grow Your Business 1 How Can I Get More Clients and Increase Profits from Existing Ones? If you own a business or are responsible for marketing one, this should be one of the questions you ask yourself on a regular basis. Answering it is critical to the survival of your business.You may be frustrated by the lack of results from your present marketing efforts. Despite time spent on mailings, cold calls, meetings with prospects, networking, building a web site, etc., you arent getting as many new clients as you want. And even though existing clients are highly satisfied with the services and products you provide, past work doesnt translate into new work or referrals as often as you would like.Becoming an expert marketerYou have the knowledge to excel at marketing your business. My role as a marketing coach is to help you leverage what you know to market your business like an expert. This free marketing guide is a starting point for creating a winning marketing plan, one that brings in more clients.A marketing system that worksInstead of shooting in the dark, youd like to have a clear, reliable system for marketing your business. Youd like to know what to do first, second and third. Youd like to know where to spend your time and money to get the greatest return in new business for your efforts.The marketing cycle and steps outlined in the following pages provide you with just such a system. In the following pages Copyright 2006Charlie CookInMind Communications, LLC 7. 7 Steps toGet More Clients and Grow Your Business 2 youll learn the fundamental phases of the marketing cycle and seven steps you need to help prospects become clients.This marketing guide gives an overview of the key concepts and ideas you can use to create a marketing plan and attract new clients. If you want to develop a comprehensive understanding of how to market your business and learn the specific marketing skills you will need, visit: www.mfsstore.comQuestionsHow much more money could you be making if you could attract more clients?Use the marketing calculators at the link provided below to determine your potential income. Visit: http://www.marketingforsuccess.com/marketing- calculators.html Make the Marketing Cycle Work For You The three phases of marketing are as predictable as the phases of the moon. Work with the marketing cycle to generate a steady stream of prospects and to convert prospects to clients.Understanding the Marketing and Sales Cycle No matter how much you might like to have a full moon on any given night, you cant skip the quarter moon and half moon to get there. Similarly, your marketing needs to move people through three phases and a series of steps to take them from prospect to client status. Copyright 2006Charlie CookInMind Communications, LLC 8. 7 Steps toGet More Clients and Grow Your Business 3 The first phase of marketing is Getting Attention. People need to know that you exist and what it is that you do or offer before they can buy. The second phase is Positioning; before a prospect will part with their hard-earned dollars, they need to get to know and trust you and understand the value of what you provide. The final phase of the marketing cycle is Selling, obtaining first time and repeat sales.You cant affect the moon, but you can control the marketing and sales cycle. You can influence your prospects and generate a steady stream of clients and customers.Think of your marketing as a short flight of stairs into your business. First you help prospects become aware that your firm exists, then you motivate them to contact you, next you establish your credibility, etc. Step by step, you move them closer to a sale.If you miss a step or two in the marketing and sales sequence, your prospects will stumble and won't make it in the door to your business and they probably wont visit again. If you mix up the sequence, prospects won't take the steps you want them to take to become clients.Getting Attention, Positioning, Selling; a three-step cycle that you can anticipate and influence using the seven steps discussed below. Put these steps in order and youll move many more clients and customers through the marketing cycle to purchase your products and services. Copyright 2006Charlie CookInMind Communications, LLC 9. 7 Steps to Get More Clients and Grow Your Business 4 Getting AttentionStep 1 - Generating Awareness Introduce yourself to prospects and tell them what you do and how you can help them. Make sure your marketing message addresses your target markets interests, and then use it to write ads that pay for themselves, whether you are using google/adwords, ezine ads, newspaper ads, or radio spots.Start with Client Problems Clients biggest concerns are their needs and wants, not your processes or credentials. Too often service providers fall in love with their services and products. That can be good thing when it is evident in the passion they demonstrate in helping clients. It can be bad thing when they focus on detailing their processes, methodologies and credentials instead of focusing their marketing on their client concerns.QuestionsWhat are your clients primary concerns?What client needs do your services meet?What are the solutions you provide?What is the end result clients receive from your s