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1. 1 THE FIFTH WONDER The Seven Countries in our project announce the winners of the Fifth Wonder of our Re- gion, The Healthiest Place In This Issue Read about how the seven countries went about finding the healthiest places of their region. Comenie Mouse in Europe The healthiest place Each of the seven schools in our project have been busy visiting places, re- searching and making posters, paintings and crafts about the healthiest places of their region. Twinspace Dont forget to check out our Twinspace webpage to see all the current videos and news about the work everyone has been doing. http://new-twinspace.etwinning.net/web/p88451/welcome Comenie Mouse in Scotland Comenie Mouse is back in Scotland. He will travel with Martin McCormick to Greece in May for the last meeting of the project. The Seven Wonders of our Region Year 2 Volume 5 April 2015 Home! 2. Slovakia Slovakia has discovered the 5th wonder We have discovered the healthiest place of our region Our spa town Trenianske Teplice Discovering of the 5th wonder in our region was very fine and funny, because we actually live in the healthiest place in our region. So, it is our town, because we are lucky that our school is situated at the edge of the spa town where a lot of people from whole Slovakia and other countries use to travel to relax and recre- ate. There are a plenty of spa houses and pools in the town. Although, you are not sick or ill, you can stay in beautiful hotels, swim in hot healing water, be wrapped into some special wraps, have a massage, have different procedures according to your wishes. Principally, you can relax, go for a walk in the spa park, breathe the fresh air and do forget about your job and problems. Our town is a small oasis of health in this busy world and we can see it from our school windows. So, do not hesitate and visit us. The Winner The Turkish spa The square with the hotel The pedestrian zone with the spa houses . Hot pool for sitting The Hotel called The Bridge of Glory Spa procedures and massages 3. Czech Republic 5th wonder:The healthiest place of our region The Winner The manufacture of herbal teas and spices As a healthy place we chose the manufacture of herbal teas and spices in a nearby village. We visited the company that these herbs are grown, produced herbal teas and spices and some organic food. We had a lecture about growing herbs for drying, storage and production of herbal teas. We also tasted and rated the best samples. At school we also prepared the tea, evaluated and competed. We learned to gather and learn about herbs. We organized a tasting of teas to the public and we recognized the importance of herbs for our health. Jako zdrav msto jsme si vybrali vrobu bylinnch aj a koen v nedalek vesnici. Navtvili jsme firmu, kter tyto byliny pstuje, vyrb bylinn aje a koen a nkter biopotraviny. Mli jsme pednku o pstovn bylin, o suen, skladovn a vrob bylinnch aj. Tak jsme ochutnvali a hodnotili nejlep vzorky. Ve kole jsme tak aje pipravovali, hodnotili a soutili. Uili jsme se sbrat a poznvat byliny. Organizovali jsme ochutnvku aj pro veejnost a poznali jsme vznam bylin pro nae zdrav. 4. Greece The lake waters are indicated for rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, nervous system and skin disorders. A lot of people swim in the lake throughout the year. In the premises there is also a restaurant-bar. A kind of sea anemone the species of fish Garra Rufa, otherwise known as Doctor Fish Spa Fish live in the lake. In the green areas of the lake, group fitness classes (Yoga, Pilates, etc.) are organized on a weekly basis. The exercises designed to relieve stress, relaxation and gentle muscle toning. The Winner Vouliagmeni Lake Vouliagmeni Lake is the healthiest place in our region. Class 5 visited Vouliagmeni Lake and was guided by the lifeguard and the doctor working there. Vouliagmeni Lake is a natural lake with healing properties and is located half a meter above sea level. In the lake there is an under- ground cave. The lake was created when part of the roof of a large under- ground cavern col- lapsed about 2000 years ago. 5. Turkey We have chosen Salt Lake as the healthiest place in our region. Thanks to Salt Lake, many hair, body, skin and foot care products are produced via natural not chemcial methods. These products have been proven to be very useful and healing for the body. Moreover, the mud in Salt Lake is used to prepare a specail mixture, a perfect recipe for the blemish and spots on the face. With the additives of salt, some medicines, cream for migraine or tinea pedis, are prepared and they are really fast to cure you. Teachers and students made a short trip to Salt Lake and the specialists informed us there about the health effects of Salt Lake. You can watch the videos on https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-QMRh--DCw and https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_RmhRYM84g. 4th graders prepared useful information about the health effects of Salt Lake. Kindergarten work: In the month of 5th wonder, kindergarten students made activities about health. They learned about the effects of food on their teeth and designed two teeth models showing harmful and useful food. They baked healthy bread and pastry with the help of their teacher and ate with their friends at luch time. They learned and enjoyed together and talked about healthy diet. You can watch a small movie on https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=gU77uyylfaM The Winner THE SALT LAKE 6. 6 Kindergarten pupils Baking healthy bread and pastry 7. 7 The Winner The Seven Club Poland Next, we visited the Town Library to see the multimedia lesson, devoted to popularizing healthy life style. As al- ways, Ms Sylwia Salej presented a very interesting les- son to encourage the children to discover the fifth wonder in Brodnica . Discovering the fifth wonder of our region the healthiest place in our region The awareness of healthy lifestyle should be formed from the earliest years. We started work on discovering the fifth wonder from the basic question What should we eat to be healthy? What should not be missing at our menus? The students from grade two prepared recipes for salads and preserves, full of vitamins, which can compensate for the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables. Then we created food pyramids and presented them to our partners from Turkey during a videoconference.. Basing on our work, we prepared a brochure with recipes for simple and healthy salads and preserves. 8. 8 Who will the winner be? Knowing that healthy lifestyle must be accompanied by physical activity, we started looking for the healthiest place in Brodnica. One afternoon a group of parents and chil- dren and the coordinator of the project visited a fitness club Seven in Brodnica. Su- pervised by the instructor, we were able to know the details of all the kinds of physical exercises on offer and to try them ourselves. Kind instructors and a generous offer helped us to decide that it is the friendliest place in Brodnica for, both, the older and the younger ones. You can see the whole report from the visit on our project website. We havent had so much fun for a long time. The children liked the activities with their par- ents and the instructor so much that it was difficult to get them out of the club. So, unanimously, the Seven Club was chosen to be the fifth wonder of our region as children and their parents can influence their health there. A sound mind in a sound body. 9. 9 Here you can read some special characteristics for the park. Cyprus Students of classes 3A and 3B were the lucky ones to explore the most healthiest place near our community. Students got excited and gave a lot of ideas for some places that could earn this title. Among the candidate places were some gyms that include weight training and zumba lessons, the municipal swimming pool, boys' favorite football fields and several sport fields like tennis, basketball and so on. The decision was difficult but students agreed to elect the place that most of Aradippou citizens enjoy most. They chose a national forest park called Rizoelia which is located next to our town. The park is well known for the plethora of trees and bushes but also is the place where many citizens enjoy running and walking through it. The Winner Rizoelia park It is situated 3 km east of the town of Aradippou and 7 km from Larnaka. Objects of the park: Its protection and conservation as a green area Its protection from other uses To provide an opportunity for the public to engage in sports Recreation Recreation Facilities: Picnic area Childrens playground Sports and walking trails Bicycle track Observation points Sport playgrounds Flora 184 of species, subspecies and plant varieties have been established. Of those, two are very rare and it is the first time they have been spotted in Cyprus. These species are: Herniaria hemiste- mon J.Gay, Cyprophilu linearifolia (Fisch. et May) Boiss and Chrozophora oblique (Vahl) A. Juss ex Spreng. Fauna: Various species are found in this park such as the hare (Lepus europaeus), the partridge (Alectoris chukar), various small birds and rep- tiles. 10. 10 . 11. 11 The 5th Wonder Primary Five took on the challenge of finding.Glasgows Healthiest Place Our first job was to think about healthy places around Glasgow. There were lots of good suggestions. We narrowed our choices down to five. Gorbals Leisure Centre The Emirates Arena George Square Glasgow Green Pollok Park Toryglen Football Centre The winner Glasgow Green Scotland We worked in groups to find out all about these healthy places. 12. 12 We also made models of some of our healthy places. Toryglen Regional Football Centre The Emirates Arena George Square And it was.. Glasgow Green 13. 13 Project meeting in Turkey EMEK LKOKULU ereflicohisar, Ankara 21-26/4/2015