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<ol><li> 1. COINSylvie Zhangsylzhang@umich.edu </li><li> 2. Product Coin is a connected device that can hold an behavelike the cards we already have Screen display: brand, last 4 digits, CW Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) Mobile App to add or sync 8 cards in Coin, Unlimited cards in phone2 Two years battery life </li><li> 3. Financials Pre-order for $55 last year Coin beta for first 10,000 pre-orders This year $100 </li><li> 4. History </li><li> 5. Whats Hot </li><li> 6. Secret Sauce Portability: same size as a typical credit card Accessibility: accepted on POS or ATM Design: screen display, name imprinted Easy to use: bluetooth and mobile app </li><li> 7. StorytimeSummer2014Spring2015 </li><li> 8. Competitors </li><li> 9. FutureEMV: Biggest technological leaps in decades </li><li> 10. Questions? </li></ol>