3 Ways to Update Your Job Search

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Job search isnt getting any easier. In fact, the saying that finding a job is a full time job has never been truer. The average job posting receives 50-100 resumes and companies are relying more on technology and their networks to find and filter candidates. Learn more about the top three things you can do to stand out from the competition. 1) Finding and Asking for Referrals 2) Leveraging LinkedIn 3) Get Your Foot in the Door


3 Ways to Update Your Job Search

3 Ways to Update Your Job Search

Remember This?

Know This?

Ever Seen One of These?

Good Luck Finding This!

Finding & Asking for Referrals

Leveraging LinkedIn

Getting Your Foot in the Door

1,591 recruiters185,450 jobs filledCareerXroads 2013 Study

66% of External Hires from 3 Sources66%

Job Boards = 18.1% of hires

Referrals = 24.5% of hires

Which Odds Are Better?1 out of 10

1 out of 74

ALWAYS Do the 2-Step

Where To Find Referrals

LinkedIn Relationships1st Degree connection2nd Degree connectionMembers are like 1st Degree connections

1st Degree: What Do You Say.

Hi Sally! Hey, I need your help

Hi Sally! Whats new? What do you know about the new job posted

Hi Sally, I see theres an opening at your company

Hello Sally,

Hope you are doing well! Weve got to get together soon!

Maybe you could help me. I see there is an opening at your company for a [job] and I was wondering what you could tell me about it?

Do you think I would be a good fit?Does your company have an employee referral program?Do you know the name of the person doing the hiring?

I am eager to apply to this position and I look forward to hearing from you soon. If there is an employee referral program, I would be happy to use your name!

To reach a 2nd Degree connection.Hi Sally! Hey, I need your help, can you introduce me to Bill

Hi Sally! I believe you know Bill over at

Hi Sally! Theres an opening at [company] do you know someone over there named

Hello Sally,

Hope you are doing well! I need your help with something!

There is a job I think is a great fit for me at [company]. As I was searching LinkedIn, it appears you know Bill Smith. I think you both worked together at ABC company in the 90s. I was wondering if you could either introduce us or provide me his email so I can reach out to him.

Career Site = 23.4% of hiresCareers



Current employees fill 42% of all the openings The #1 Source of Hire is

What does this mean?

A Few other points: Hiring in 2013 projected to increase 17.5%

Large, highly competitive US-based employers with full time recruiting staff vs. small to medium employers

Social Media (especially LinkedIn) not tracked consistently

What Will You Do Differently?

LinkedIn www.LinkedIn.com/in/Hannah MorganTwitter@careersherpaFacebook Career Sherpa Google++Hannah MorganEmail hmorgan@careersherpa.netTo Your Success!

1 out of 10 vs 1 out of 100**