2.4 apply constructivist theory to teach and assess learning effectively

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2.4 Apply constructivist theory to teach and assess learning effectively.

2.4 Apply constructivist theory to teach and assess learning effectively.

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Intro: Today is the last day of the unit, so we are going to do a group activity that will help us review for the unit test that is next week. First, we are going to re-do the pre-test that we completed at the beginning of the unit. On a piece of paper to be turned in, please answer the following questions: The people are the source of all power in government (T)The Constitution of the United States was the first form of government for the new states (F)The Virginia Declaration of Rights served as a model for the Bill of Rights (T)Only the President can disobey the Constitution of the United States (F)The system of checks and balances is based on sharing power between the national government and the state governments (F) We will go over the questions as students hold up T/F cards as a class. Body: After we have gone over the pre-test answers, I will divide students into groups. For this activity, students will be writing down key ideas that are present within the primary documents we have discussed. Groups will be focusing on:The PreambleArticle I, II, III of the ConstitutionThe Bill of RightsThe Virginia Company of London CharterThe Virginia Declaration of Rights Each group may use notes and handouts from other classes. You will start with a blank piece of paper. Write your document name at the top. As a group, write down the key pieces of your document. Be thorough! Next, I am going to tell you to switch papers with each other (clockwise), and write down connections your document has with the document on the paper you just got. Once again, be thorough! Think about how your vocabulary words relate to this as well. We will continue to switch until the document is back with its original group. This group will take a few minutes to read over the paper and add anything they feel is missing. After this, one representative from each group will summarize what is on their paper for the whole class. I will make copies of these and distribute them to everyone to be used as review sheet for the test next week, so as you are writing, use correct sentence structure and try to write neatly.