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  • 2018 Sioux County Fair Book Updates

  • Did you miss FSQA?

    2018 Sioux County Fair Book Updates


  • Horse Department Rule Changes

    2018 Beef Fair Rule Changes

    There are a lot of changes in the Horse Division this year so hang on to your cowboy hats and helmets and read on!

    (These are just highlights; for the details please read the horse department rules here)

     Two 4-H Shows: Games -Tuesday night; Pleasure, Trail and Showmanship - Wednesday

     Dress: Tuesday Show - Fair T-Shirt, Jeans, Western Boots, Helmet; Wednesday Show,

    plain button or snap front Western shirt, Dark Blue Jeans, Western Boots, Helmet. Cowboy hats

    will be required for Showmanship.

     Leased horses must have a completed lease form, 4H 106C uploaded on 4HOnline by May 15

     Animals may be identified by more than one 4-H member in a family (immediate sibling or step-sibling only), but cannot be identified as 4-H by one sibling and FFA by another sibling.

     Photos need to be uploaded into 4HOnline for identification purpose at the Sioux County Fair.

     Exhibitors are responsible for the control of his/her own animal. Only immediate family is allowed to assist, but CANNOT ride the animal. Parents or responsible siblings may ground exercise the animal only. No coach- ing allowed from rail.

     No two-year old or older stallions will be allowed in any class

     There will be no limit to the number of classes entered by an exhibitor, with the exception of Wester Pleasure and Ranch Horse Pleasure, an exhibitor can only show one of these two classes with the same horse

     Additional Class in First Year Feeder Calf division: We are adding “ Senior 1st Year Feeder Calves” ,

    which will allow fall born calves to show at the fair. Recommended birthdates for this class are September 1-

    December 31. Calves born after January 1 will be considered Junior 1st Year Feeder Calves.

     We have also been informed that AkSarBen will be requiring that all animals nominated to their show must

    be identified in 4HOnline. Other changes are as follows:

     Beef exhibitors must sign up for showmanship in FairEntry by June 15. Showmanship classes will be as-

    signed depending on the number of participants to insure a proper number of exhibitors in the show ring to

    allow for the best showing experience.

     Beef Showmanship will take place before the Breeding Beef Show and the Market Beef show.

     Advanced Cattle Feeder Project animals were to be weighed in by March 1 of this year. Next year the date

    will be moved up to February 1 to coincide with the Market Beef deadline. Members can have more than 3

    animals in their project but a maximum of 3 animals per project can be housed at the fair.

     And the one big change that is different from our current fair book is… Sioux County will NOT be a Blow &

    Go cattle show. The 4-H Committee and Extension Council had the privilege of hearing from thirteen of our

    Beef Cattle Showman on this rule change. These 4-H’ers radiated what 4-H is all about. They shared their

    concerns, opinions and requests in a well versed, confident, selfless and logical manor. The request was as

    follows: Changing the Beef Show back to the rules from last year; which will allow Exhibitor, other 4-H’ers or

    immediate family members (see Fair Book under General Livestock Rules for more details) to groom your

    animal for show. This allows these showman to complete their animal and their project to the best of their

    ability. The Extension Council and 4-H Committee approved their request.

     Exhibitors are welcome to fit their beef animal for a show, but it is not a requirement. It is to the exhibitors

    discretion. If you want learn though, please feel free to ask one of the 13 showman who presented to the

    council and committee. In their words, “We would love to teach you!”

    https://www.extension.iastate.edu/sioux/sites/www.extension.iastate.edu/files/sioux/Horse%203-15-18.pdf https://www.extension.iastate.edu/sioux/sites/www.extension.iastate.edu/files/sioux/General%20fair%20rules%2C%20general%20livestock%20rules%2C%20health%20regulations%20and%20showmanship%203-15.pdf

  • SHEEP AND GOAT WEIGH-IN DATE Market Sheep and Goat Weigh-in will be held from 7:30 a.m. to

    11:00 a.m. Saturday, May 5 at the Sioux County Fair Grounds. Reti-

    nal imaging will start promptly at 7:30. Tags are available at the Ex-

    tension office for $1.50 each. Tags purchased at the weigh-in will

    cost $2.00 each Just a reminder that no intact males will be allowed

    to show at the fair and no dead tissue can be present on the


    Premise ID’s required for all Swine Exhibitors

    Derby Swine Weigh-in will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on April 7 at the Sioux County Fairgrounds. We will be using USDA tags for the weigh-in. Remember, tags are $2.00 at weigh

    -in and $1.50 if you purchase them at the office. ALSO, Swine State Fair DNA tags are now available. These

    are $10 a piece and need to use a special tagger. Tags and taggers will be available at the weigh-in.

    IDALS is tightening Swine regulations to require all swine exhibitors to have a

    premise ID for the farms where their animals are raised. If you enter one or 12 animals,

    you need to have a premise ID. If you do not have one, please click on this link to access the applica-

    tion. https://www.iowaagriculture.gov/animalindustry/pdf/premiseIDapp2.pdf Your premise ID will be RE-

    QUIRED on the paperwork you fill out at the fair so please have your number with you at check-in.

    All swine will need to have the USDA tag (as pictured on the

    right) or ear notches entered into 4HOnline. If you identify your

    animals with Swine DNA tags for State Fair, you also will need

    their ear notches entered into the identification. IDALS isn’t rec-

    ognizing the DNA tags as official.

    Swine Rules & Regulations for 2018

    Tag and Ear Notch requirements


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  • Digital Storytelling: Are you into it?!?

    Do you love to tell stories using digital technology? In this project you get to tell your

    story or the stories of others by learning all about the production process and technolo-

    gies that make it possible. Zoom in on animation, video production, editing, sound pro-

    duction, image manipulation, and secrets to a great story

    Starting out

    Basic/Level 1

     Discover the world of digi-

    tal storytelling from the

    process of creating stories

    to the technology that

    makes it possible

     Learn about cameras and

    microphones and their


     Discover light and sound

    techniques that make

    quality presentations pos-


     Analyze various media

    forms and evaluate their

    use in different situations.

    Here’s what you can do all year

    Learning More

    Intermediate/Level 2

     Use digital storytelling tools to

    create an image, video or audio


     Play with audio and video editing


     Discover how audio can enhance

    the quality of video production.

     Discover how design elements

    and art principles impact your


     Work with different media styles

    and evaluate when each would

    be the most effective at telling a


    Expand Horizions

    Advanced/Level 3

     Use digital storytelling hard-

    ware, software and communi-

    cation principles to tell a com-

    pelling story

     Use your skills to create a 4-H

    story for member recruitment

    in your county

     Use your digital storytelling

    skills to bring awareness to a

    need in your community

     Organize a local media event

    for youth to exhibit and share

    their storytelling productions

     Develop a presentation or a working exhibit that shows a technique in digital storytelling

     Do a working exhibit on how to develop a storyboard

     Make a poster on the different shots and angles for videos

     What impact does sound have? Find out and share your findings in a video

     Create a timeline with visuals of si


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