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2011 2012 BACK TO SCHOOL. English III American Literature 1 st and 3 rd Periods. Welcome Back!!!. Summer is over Youre officially Juniors; in your second last year of high school What are you expecting of yourself this year?. Who am I?. Baby Rammos Coming - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 2011 2012BACK TO SCHOOLEnglish IIIAmerican Literature1st and 3rd Periods

  • Welcome Back!!!Summer is over Youre officially Juniors; in your second last year of high school What are you expecting of yourself this year?

  • Who am I?Baby Rammos ComingJanuary 13th, 2012!!!

  • Whats up with English III?You will continue to increase and refine your reading and communication skills. You will read a broad range of American literature and write frequently in a variety of forms. We will focus on developing critical thinking skills, writing and reading skills necessary for success in an upper level English class. We will also build vocabulary and learn elements of grammar, usage and style.

  • ExpectationsStudents must come to class each day prepared to interact. Much of the knowledge gained will be from listening and learning from one another, not only just the teacher. Effort, mutual respect and encouragement are expected from each student on a daily basis.

  • BooksHolt McDougal Literature American LiteratureSpringBoard English Textual Power Level 6Additional novels may be required throughout the school year. If novels need to be purchased, students and parents will be made aware of titles with adequate advanced notice. Summer Reading: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer OR How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent by Julia Alvarez AND A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry OR Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams

  • SuppliesMANDATORY1 binder for ENGLISH ONLY!notebook paperone spiral notebook5 dividerspens/pencils/highlightersOPTIONALKleenexHand sanitizer3X5 notecards


  • BE PUNCTUALBe in your chair when the bell ringsTurn assignments in on the due dateBe alert in classNO SLEEPING!

  • BE PREPAREDBring all materials to class every day (binder, pen/pencil/highlighter,SpringBoard text, novel of study, etc.)Complete all preparatory work (reading, reflection, homework) so that you are ready to participate in classKeep track of all due dates, quizzes and tests using a planner or class calendar (or even your phone!)

  • BE POLITERespect yourself.Respect your peers.Respect your environment.Respect authority.Actively listen.Support each other.Encourage one another.Monitor your own behavior.

  • Just a few othersNO FOOD. NO DRINKS. (Water = Exception)All communication devices should be turned OFF and out of sight! No make-up, combs, hairbrushes, mirrors, nail polish, nail files, lotion or any other personal grooming implement in the classroom. Do not deface (i.e. draw, doodle, write, carve, scratch, put chewing gum under/on) any of the furniture, walls, filing cabinets, bookshelves, windows, carpet, etc.

  • CLASS PROCEDURESF.A.Q.sWho?What?When?Where?How?

  • What do I do when I first get to class?Sign-in: Mark your initials in the Attendance Binder under the date. Once the bell rings for class: If you are in the room and have not signed in, you will be marked Tardy. If you are NOT in the room and have not signed in, you will be marked Absent.

  • Then what?Consult the board for the daily objective (I can) and agendaTake your seat and begin your journal entry or warm-up exercise. These are to be done individually, and therefore no talking is necessary.

  • Whats the tardy policy?Per the CHHS Student/Parent Handbook: 1st Tardy = Warning2nd Tardy = Teacher-Student Conference3rd Tardy = Teacher Consequence (*Detention) and Parent Phone Call4th Tardy = Office Referral

  • What do I do with my assignments?All assignments to be graded must have your FIRST AND LAST NAME, DATE, and CLASS PERIOD. Turn in assignments by putting them in your class periods INBOX.

  • What about late work?I do NOT accept late work of any kind daily, quiz or major grades.

  • Butbutbutwhat if I was absent?If you missed class, look in your class periods Absent folder for handouts. See Mrs. Rammos to schedule a time to make-up a quiz or test.You will be allowed one school day for every school day missed, plus one additional day, to make up work or tests (per the CHHS Student/Parent Handbook). Please write Absent on top of any assignments completed.If you submit all make-up work on time, you have the opportunity to receive full credit.

  • What if I have to go?Using the restroom during class is a privilege and something that should be done during your time passing periods or independent study and not when the teacher is teaching, during quizzes or tests, while watching videos, working in groups, etc.If you do need to use the restroom and it is an appropriate time to go, please take one of the bathroom passes hanging by the door and return to class quickly. If you abuse the privilege, it will be taken away.

  • What is Academic Honesty?The English Language Arts Department at Colleyville Heritage High School expects that all work turned in is the students own work. This bans all forms plagiarism and cheating including: copying; cutting and pasting; presenting collaborative work as independent work; fabricating data, information and sources; and failing to use proper citations. After any infraction, a student will be referred to the Academic Integrity Council. More information can be found on the CHHS website: http://www.gcisd-k12.org/chhs/site/default.asp.

  • What happens if I break a rule or do not follow procedures?

  • ConsequencesNon-verbal or verbal warning eye contact, movement, verbal reminder, statement of the appropriate behavior, or the student will be asked to stop the undesired behaviorStudent will be asked to stay after class or school to discuss the infraction.Direct consequence will be implemented for the inappropriate student behavior. For example, afternoon detention, office referral.Parent will be notified and conference may be requested.

  • What about my grade?

  • When do I get a progress report?Consult Skyward Family Access once a week to keep track of grades. However, be patient with your teacher All students will receive a progress report three weeks into the six weeks grading period.

  • Teachers Website


    very importantcalendars, handouts, assignments, message boards, announcements, reminders, etc.

  • DisclaimerThis syllabus is intended as a set of guidelines for English III. Students and parents should note that Mrs. Rammos reserves the right to make modifications in content and requirements as necessary to promote the best education possible within prevailing conditions affecting this class.

  • Did I forget anything?

    Any questions?Student Info./Parent Contact Sheet AND supplies DUE Friday!