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Buddhism Koan Meditation Blue Cliff Record


  • 1. Introduction toChn Meditation 2010/4/24 Buddhist Association of Canada Cham Shan Temple

2. Buddhist Association of Canada Cham Shan Temple n m f tu Namo Buddha n m d m Namo Dharma n m sng qi Namo Sangha 3. Prostration - Respect & Sincere

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4. -3 Prefect Practice Discipline Shila : Greed Meditation Dhyana : Anger Wisdom-Prajna : Ignorance

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5. Purify 3 Karma

    • Action Karma
  • Speech Karma
  • Mind Karma

6. Meditation

  • Preparation:
  • Samatha Vipasyana:
  • Awaken & Enlighten:
  • Samadhi Praj:

7. Samatha Vipasyana:

  • Warm-up: Left-hand Shake, Right-hand Row
  • Adjust posture:
  • Adjust breathing:
  • Adjust mind:
  • Cool-down: Stretching exercise

8. Benefits of Meditaton 9. Supporting Practices

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10. Reference(538-597 ) by Shramana ZhiyiThe Essentials of Buddhist Meditation, Bhikshu Dharmamitra (Translator) The Six Dharma Gates to the Sublime, Bhikshu Dharmamitra (Translator) Maha Samatha Vipasyana / The Maha-satipatthana Sutta http://www.buddhanet.net/pdf_file/mahasati.pdf 11. Six Wonderful Gates . Count, Following, Samatha, Vipasanna, Return, Pure 12. Count 13. Following 14. Samatha 15. Vipasanna 16. Return : 17. Pure 18. Samatha Vipasanna 19. Meditation Dyana , Chn , Zen (Japanese, ) , Meditation Walking is Chn, sitting is Chn; the essence is calm andnatural; whether talking, silence, moving, standing 20. Buddhist Meditation 21. Tea and Meditation 22. Flower and Meditation 23. 24. Every Day is a Good Day Yun Men said, I don't ask you about before the fifteenth day; try to say something about after the fifteenth day. Yun Men himself answered for everyone, Every day is a good day. 25. He throws away one and takes up seven. Above, below and in the four directions there is no comparison. Passively walking along he treads down the sound of a flowing stream. His relaxed gaze descries the track of flying birds. Every Day is a Good Day 26. The grasses grow thick; the mists overhang. Around Sabuti's cliff the flowers make a mess. I snap my fingers. How lamentable is shunyata. Don't make a move. If you move - thirty blows! Every Day is a Good Day 27. After years of diligent study under a variety of teachers Yunmen went to see the master Muzhou. Muzhou was famously, and would often shut the door of his hut as soon as he heard someone approach down the path. Yunmen knocked on Muzhous door. He just stepped in. Muzhou then grabbed Yunmen and shouted, Speak! Speak! Every Day is a Good Day 28. Yunmen hesitated and was pushed out of door. Muzhou shouted, Useless tool, good for nothing! and slammed the door. Yunmen went to see Muzhou the third time. He just knocked on the door. Muzhou asked: Who? Yunmen said: Wenyan. The door was just opened Yunmen stuck his foot in the doorway. Muzhou grabbed Yunmen and yelled, Speak! Speak! Every Day is a Good Day 29. Yunmen hesitated. When he began to speak, Muzhou gave him a shove and said, Too late! Muzhou then slammed the door, catching and breaking Yunmens foot. At that moment, Yunmen experienced enlightenment. Later, he became Muzhous successor. Every Day is a Good Day 30. Springflower, autumn moon, summer breeze, winter snow; What the least to worry about? Then everyday is a festival in paradise on earth. Every Day is a Good Day 31.

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