10th annual csu-pueblo festival of winds 2018 chair festival of winds 2018 ... bassoon * please...

Download 10th Annual CSU-Pueblo Festival of Winds 2018 Chair   Festival of Winds 2018 ... Bassoon * Please read these ... Microsoft Word - 10th FOWS Auditions 03. Oboe.docx

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  • 10th Annual CSU-Pueblo Festival of Winds 2018

    Chair Placement Audition Materials for






    Please also be aware that some brief sight reading and playing of major scales (up to 4 flats and 4 sharps) and a chromatic scale might be requested in your audition. Those seeking placement in one of the two Wind Orchestras should plan on playing scales for the full range of your instrument (or at least two octaves). Please be advised that some students may be asked to play scales and others may not. Also, be advised that the audition process serves at least two purposes: 1) To help determine chair placement in the Festival Honor Bands, and 2) To help students prepare music in advance of the festival. Therefore, please understand that students will not be asked to play all of the pieces, nor all of the music for each piece. Each adjudicator will pre-select excerpts from some or all of the pieces. Because students will not know which pieces or excerpts will be used in the audition process, all students should plan to prepare all music in advance.


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