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1 Communication Methods Audio, video and chat Slide 2 2 Objectives Identify different methods of communication non- verbal, audio, video, and chat Identify uses for emoticons, raise hand, step away and polling Use VoIP audio single talker and simultaneous talkers to effectively communicate during a session Use the live video with single video and simultaneous video Use Chat to send and receive public, private, and announcement type messages Communication Methods audio, video and chat Slide 3 3 Communication Methods Audio Slide 4 4 Materials License Audio Setup Wizard Best Practice: Use the Audio Setup Wizard at the beginning of every session Steps: Select Audio Output Device how you will hear Select Audio Input Device how you will speak Slide 5 5 Materials License Troubleshooting Tips Is the headset plugged in correctly? Is there a mute switch on the headset? Is the computers audio muted or turned way down? Did the user select the correct audio input device? You may have more than one microphone or input device so double check. Still need help? http://support.blackboardcollaborate.com Slide 6 6 Materials License 1.Audio Permission by default all Participants have the permission. 2.Mic On Mic Off 3.Visual confirmation Keys to Speaking Slide 7 7 Materials License Simultaneous Talkers Tips Use headset or echo- cancelling microphone Dont talk over other Participants Slide 8 8 Materials License Simultaneous Talkers Audio comes out of the laptop speakers and into the open microphone which causes the echo! Use a headset to prevent echo Slide 9 9 Materials License Tips for Managing Simultaneous Talkers Ensure that everyone using the audio has an echo cancelling device. If someone in the session is using the audio without an echo cancelling device, consider moving back to the default of one talker at a time and take turns using the VoIP. Remember that the Moderator can control the Participants audio. If a microphone is left on and is causing an echo, the Moderator can turn it off by temporarily removing audio permission. Slide 10 10 Materials License Communication Methods Teleconference Audio Slide 11 11 Materials License Teleconference audio can be the only source of audio in the session or blended with the VoIP audio All audio is captured in the recording Using the Phone for Audio Slide 12 12 Materials License Steps Obtain the phone number and PIN Select > Configure Telephone Conference from the Audio & Video Options menu Steps for Configuring and Using Telephony Slide 13 13 Materials License Steps Enter the connection information Session Information will be the number to which the session connects Click Save & Connect or Save Steps for Configuring and Using Telephony Slide 14 14 Materials License Select Connect Session to Teleconference from the Audio & Video Options menu Session calls and connects Connecting Slide 15 15 Materials License Teleconference will show in the Participants panel Telephone handset icon will appear for participants connected by phone Teleconference Connected Slide 16 16 Materials License Click the telephone button to access the teleconference number and PIN Participants Connecting Connected Slide 17 17 Materials License Muting Teleconference Remove Audio permission from the Teleconference Slide 18 18 Communication Methods Live Video Slide 19 19 Materials License Transmit Live Video Steps Open the Audio & Video panel Click Video or Preview Note Permission is on for all Participants by default Permission can be turned off by the Moderator Slide 20 20 Materials License Key Video Features Maximum Simultaneous Cameras - 1 to 6 Make Video Follow Moderator Focus or Make Video Follow Speaker Send Camera Snapshot To Whiteboard Slide 21 21 Communication Methods Chat Slide 22 22 Materials License Sending a Chat Participant Type Message hit Enter Moderator Can send to the Room or private to other Moderators Slide 23 23 Materials License Private Chat Right-click on the Participants name or choose Send a Private Chat from the Options menu. Slide 24 24 Materials License Private Chat Private chat conversations appear in tabs Slide 25 25 Materials License Understanding the Tabs Supervised chat displayed for the Moderator Public Moderators only Private Private with new message waiting to be read Slide 26 26 Materials License Chat Announcements Steps to send an announcement: 1.Options menu > Send Announcement 2.Type the message and click Send


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