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CREATIVITY and THINKING CREATIVELYEngineering EntrepreneurshipSecond Semester of A.Y. 2014/2015International ProgramCivil Engineering DepartmentFaculty of EngineeringUniversitas Atma Jaya YogyakartaCREATIVEIn developing their thought, humans can use their left brain and right brainLeft brain is used to think analytically, systematically, logically convergentRight brain help humans to think imaginatively, creatively divergentANALYTICAL WAYS OF THINKINGCREATIVE WAYS OF THINKING* Logical* Predictable* Convergent* Vertical* Imaginative* Unpredictable* Divergent* LateralFormal education provides tools for analytical thinking which is useful especially to solve problemsAnalytical thinking can solve various problems but in fact is constraint for creative thinkingIMPORTANCE of CREATIVITYCreative entrepreneur can launch never-made-before product to the market. No need to be inventor but the bridge between inventor and market.To be leader not copierAdvantage as first moverWiden the narrower road due to competitionEscape from disaster, lost, and troublesCreativity connects separated and isolated nodesELEMENTS of CREATIVITY(Newel, Shaw, Simon)Look through new perspectiveFind new relationCreate new combination of objects, concepts, or phenomena

FOCUS of THOUGHTINVENTION (idea development)INOVATION (transform idea into product)PATENT (protection of product)

CREATIVITY PROCESSSORT and PICK UP supporting information and activities upon idea small room controls our thoughts, big room confuses us coning resulting economic valuesCONSTRAINTS on CREATIVITYPerceptionalStereotype mindsetOver-limit problemsToo much or too little informationEmotionalAfraid of taking riskDo not like uncertaintyPrefer to evaluate than produce ideaUnderestimate problemRush to solve problem

CONSTRAINTS on CREATIVITYCulturalEnvironmentalLack of facilitiesIntellectualOver-rely on logicReluctant to use intuitionUse of old experience or method proven to be effectiveExpressional

THE CHANGENegative attitudePositive attitudeObey the rulesBreak the rulesMake assumptionTest assumptionOver stressRelease stressAfraid of failureRisk taking techniqueRely on logicUse imagination & intuitionSelf belief of beingSelf belief of being not creativecreativeCREATIVITY IMPROVEMENT TECHNIQUECombinationRandomEliminationAlternativeTurn aroundExtreme

VISUAL: seeing, imagining, drawingThomas Alfa EdisonGenius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspirationQuestion: Is talent of creative thinking on everyone?Answer: everyone has talent for creative thinking, just some are more talented and some are less talentedQuestion: What to do to develop creative thinking?Answer: 3 (three) stepsSaturation collect facts, data, sensation to be base of new ideasIncubation continuation of saturation, selection of various information, done unconsciously, especially when problem is not immediately solvedIllumination flash of genius after long incubation

TYPES of CREATIVITYInnovation new idea, new theory, new hypothesis, new method, etcSynthesis ability to absorb and use ideas from different sources, combining data or concepts which seem irrelevant to be valuable idea or productExtension taking basic innovation, broaden the benefit by broaden the borderDuplication not cheating or falsifying but copying by digging up best practices to be improved

TYPES of INNOVATIONBreakthrough Innovation

Technology InnovationOrdinary InnovationUniquenessJumlah InovasiBreakthrough Innovation extreme uniqueness, base for further innovation, protected firmly by patent or copyright, e.g. penicilin, computer, airplane, carTechnology Innovation show up more than breakthrough innovation, not scientific invention, offer new invention in terms of product and market, e.g. laptopOrdinary Innovation most often to happen (highest number), development of technology innovation to be better product and service or other, based on market analysis (market has stronger effect than technology)Dr. Ir. CiputraCopying is an innovative process if what we do is copying best practices, taking the tops of achievements and putting them together to be something better and more valuable according to the context of our own businessMeniru adalah proses inovatif jika yang kita lakukan adalah meniru praktek-praktek terbaik, mengambil puncak-puncak pencapaian itu dan meramunya menjadi sesuatu yang lebih baik dan lebih bernilai sesuai dengan konteks usaha kita sendiri

CREATIVITY and INNOVATION for ENTREPRENEUREntrepreneur who wants to develop his/her entrepreneurship has to rely not only on his/her left brain but also right brain to create new ideas as new products, new working methods, new services, new selling areaAn entrepreneur normally has more creativity and higher innovation power than non-entrepreneur. He/she has thought the things that have not been thought by and able to make his/her innovation to be societys demand

Innovation is required not only because there is idealistic urge but also to gain market shareIn tight competition, breakthrough is required, breakthrough that causes a product or service different from other onesOpinions:A company which is successful in gaining a competitive excellence has to maintain it as long as possible since it is a tool to face competitorsA company which has been successful to gain a competitive excellence has to leave it immediately and find another new excellence since competitors will not stay still and gradually copying it even better

In practice, many companies which have gained competitive excellence do not last since they are lulled by the gained excellence and do nothing to renew it while their competitors come up with similar new product or service but with modification which fits more the customers taste

Ripleys Believe It or NotA piece of steel plate costs $5If the plate is made to be horseshoe it will become $10If it is made to be sewing needle then it will become $3.285If this steel plate is made to be watch it will increase to become $250

SOURCES of IDEASCustomerCurrent products and servicesDistribution channelsGovernmentTINA SEELIG(Executive Director of Stanford Technology Ventures Program)The role of creativity in entrepreneurship is not limited to a business idea or a marketing strategy. "Creativity defines the starting point, the middle point and the end point of a venture. You have to be creative while identifying a business opportunity, while building your team, while streamlining your processes. In fact, you even have to be creative while shutting down your company. Creativity is essential for effective problem solving throughout the life cycle of a company."