chris knepp. choir practice to resume choir practice will resume on wednesday, august 30th at 7pm

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  • MEMO August 2017




    Summer: The Season of Rest. I can just hear it now: WHAT?! Me rest? All summer? With all I have to do? You’ve got to be kidding!

    Look, I get it. With the kids out of school, the grass to be mowed and gardens cultivated, the warm-weather indoor and outdoor mainte-

    nance projects that piled up over winter, the promised vacation trips to the mountains, seashores, resorts, amusement parks or distant fami-

    lies, the soccer, softball, and Little Leagues, the seasonal employments, holiday picnics and parties, the Vacation Bible Schools and camps ga-

    lore…Whew!...who has the time (or the energy!) to rest?

    A summer rest may seem as whimsical as my title font, but it is as absolutely necessary as the punctuation: Rest... period. It may seem as

    antiquated and quaint and unattainable as the idyllic retreats of yore, but at some level it probably still tugs at our hearts.

    By far my fondest and favorite personal summer retreat memories have been of Ocean Grove, New Jersey, a seaside holiness camp meet-

    ing site founded in 1867 by Reverend William B. Osborn, a Methodist preacher, who envisioned a community where spiritual and physical

    health could be renewed. In keeping with those ideals, the famously Victorian village banned horse-drawn carriages, then automobiles, from

    the streets on Sunday, as well as Sunday beach bathing, and the sale of liquors within a mile radius.

    Brethren “caught the Spirit” in such measure that we held our Annual Conference on the grounds seven times between 1940 and 1968,

    five of them in my lifetime. My family attended all three held during the 1960’s. While Dad was doing delegate duty, Mom and Kids—often

    with friends seen only this one time each year—were basking on the beach, splashing in the waves, traipsing the boardwalk, visiting adjoining

    Asbury Park, and on one occasion, taking an ocean cruise with other Junior Highers. Mealtimes at local eateries were leisurely and tables

    shared with other Brethren. The pace was slow and the priority was fellowship. And every day was closed with evening worship as a family in

    the breezy and impressive Grand Auditorium. Some said this was a taste of heaven on earth.

    So . . . have I piqued your interest or tweaked your heartstrings with a longing for a genuine summer’s rest “...that times of refreshing may

    come from the Lord”? (Acts 3:19 NIV) If so, then my work is done! If not, yours is just begun.

    Think about this: Who had any more on his plate than Jesus? Satan to battle, example to set, disciples to choose, Gospel to preach, mira-

    cles to perform, Truth to teach, people to heal, dead to raise, parables to explain, disciples to train, appointments to keep, a crucifixion to con-

    template, a Church to build, a world to save, Heaven to gain.

    And yet, in the middle of the head-long rush to his destiny, Jesus often retreated to a mountain, a garden, a wilderness, to rest and medi-

    tate and pray. I’m convinced that those respites benefitted him, and those who needed him to be spiritually, physically, and mentally restored

    and in peak condition for each stage of his ministry. If our Lord recognized the intrinsic value and profit of regular rest, why shouldn’t we? So,

    relax! Rest! Banish tension, and enjoy a richer life.

    From Pastor Eric’s Desk...

  • DATE August 6 August 13 August 20 August 27


    (Before & After SS)

    Lou Ann Kensinger Nancy Ewart Ike Wright Jim & Doris



    (After Worship)

    Bill & Karen


    Kris Hoover Mardi Lesher Ellie Sollenberger











    VAN DRIVER Bob Greenleaf, Jr.


    Mike Greenleaf


    Mike Greenleaf Keith Newlin




    Preschool-Meg & Molly

    K-2nd-Stacey K.

    3rd-6th-Niki H.

    Preschool-Meg & Molly

    K-2nd-Stacey K.

    3rd-6th-Niki H.

    Preschool-Meg & Molly

    K-2nd-Larissa C.

    3rd-6th-Stacey K.

    Preschool-Meg & Molly

    K-2nd-Larissa C.

    3rd-6th-Stacey K.

    Serving Others...

    August’s Food Pantry List

    beverages, fruits, instant potatoes, pea-

    nut butter, jelly, tomato sauces, pasta,

    cleaning supplies


    If you have a prayer request, please call one of the following

    people to get it started:

    Amy: 793-2422

    (during office hours of 8:30am-3:00pm)

    Chris Gojmerac: 932-1010

    (weekday evenings after 3:00pm):

    Doris Reighard: 932-0209

    (weekends & holidays)

    Chloe Brown’s New Address

    Calvert Manor Healthcare Center

    1881 Telegraph Rd.

    Rising Sun, MD 21911

  • 2nd- Bonnie Lundquist

    5th- Alex Klotz

    6th- Audrey Beach, Frank

    Greenleaf, Debbie Zook

    8th- Lucille Baker

    9th- Jim Bosar

    10th- Kathryn Blattenber-

    ger, Ashley Greenleaf

    11th-Carol Bradley

    13th- Deb Gochnour

    14th- John Showalter

    15th- Dawn Hoover

    17th- Ethel Martin

    19th- Ike Wright

    20th- Jessica Emerick,

    Dona Kensinger

    21st- Judy Clapper

    26th- Sharon Ayers

    27th-Ethan Lewis

    29th- Floyd Mitchell

    31st- Nancy Baker

    3rd- Jeff & Joy Hoover

    4th- Jason & Josette Rhykerd

    Wayne & Diane Shatzer

    8th- Ike & Janet Wright

    10th- Don & Jo Johnson

    Dave & Sarah Steele

    14th- Ron & Lois Kensinger

    Allan & Karen Yarnall

    15th-Joe & Pat Hinish

    19th- Ken & Diane Ake

    21st-Floyd & Kathleen Mitchell

    August Anniversaries

    August Birthdays

    Memorial COB Outreach

    In June, a donation of $500 was given to

    Love In Action International Ministries to

    help local farmer Duane Biddle serve on a

    mission team traveling to Guayaramerin, Bo-

    livia in South America. The team’s mission is

    to begin building a dairy processing plant

    that will provide income and food for a

    Christian orphanage. Please support this mis-

    sion team in your prayers as they travel from

    August 2nd-13th. They especially would

    like us to pray for the following:

     Souls to be saved.

     Wisdom in the construction and ideas

    to make this dairy processing plant suc-


     For Jesus to be their hands and feet as

    their team shows His love.

     Protection, fair weather and health.


    The Refugee Education Center was the

    “Witness to the Host City” Annual Confer-

    ence organization chosen by Memorial’s

    Service & Evangelism team to receive a

    $200 donation this year. The Refugee Educa-

    tion Center’s mission is to support refugee

    children and families to gain the necessary

    skills for successful integration into the com-

    munity through education support, youth de-

    velopment services, and fostering cultural

    knowledge and understanding. The REC has

    a strong history of meeting the unique needs

    of refugee students. A monetary donation

    was given in lieu of collecting items this year

    due to the fact that the delegates were flying

    to the Annual Conference instead of driving.

    If you have any question concerning these

    donations, please see Penny Mountain or

    Chris Knepp.

    Choir Practice to Resume

    Choir practice will resume on Wednesday, August

    30th at 7pm. If you would like become part of our

    choir “family”, please come join us at this re-

    hearsal. All are welcome! Our first Sunday to sing

    during the worship service will be September 3rd

    and we’d love to have you with us.

  • Thank You’s...

    Barb Kahley would like to thank everyone for their prayers, cards and pastoral visits during Tom’s hospital stay

    and at home.

    Miriam Hoover would like to thank everyone for their prayers, cards and visits from Pastor Eric and the dea-

    cons while she was in the hospital and at Homewood.

    Erik Graybill (Sara Beth Sager’s son-in-law) would like to thank everyone from Memorial for their continued


    Penny Mountain would like to thank everyone for all the loving support she received during her recovery from

    hip surgery. Know that your cards, love, concern, meals and prayers were greatly appreciated

    Dona, George K. and Deidra would like to thank the church family for it’s love, support & prayers during the

    transition of their husband & father, George E. Kensinger. It has been a very uplifting experience to know

    there are others who feel their sorrow. They are very grateful and thankful for everything that everyone

    has unselfishly done for them during this difficult time.

    Sharon Ayers would like to give a s

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