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This personalized potty training story helps children become comfortable with using the potty, as his or her parents give encouragement along the way!



  • Hi, my name

    is Zoey,

    and its time

    for me to say,

    Im going to the

    big girl potty!

    Today is my big day!

  • Were taking all my

    diapers and throwing

    them away.

    In the trash,

    then out the door,

    Its awesome,

    I must say.

  • Its big girl potty,

    big kid time,

    No matter what

    its true!

    In the bathroom,

    on the throne

    For numbers

    one and two.

  • My folks are always

    proud of me,

    in, oh, so many ways.

    But now I use the

    big girl potty,

    and theyre extra

    proud today!

  • Climb aboard,

    do my deed,

    flush, and then

    Im done.


    says mommy.

    Wash your hands.

    Its slippery, soapy fun!

  • Ill celebrate

    with everyone,

    todays a special day.

    Mom and Dad are

    really glad,

    Hip! Hip! Hooray!

  • Congratulations


    keep track of

    how many times

    you use the

    big potty!