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F4 Pulse Web sever User Guide


All part of the manual are the property of ZKsoftware Inc, no par of the manual may be transmitted in any form by any means without the prior written permission of Zksoftware Inc.All functions take the actual product as product standard, as a result of the product unceasing renewal, ZKsoftare Inc does not assure that the actual product is consistent with this document, and is not liable for any damages and trouble whatsoever arising out of the inconsistence, in formation in the document is subject to change without notice. Other trade mark and trade name may be used in the document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products publisher disclaim any proprietary interest in the trade name other than its own

F4-PLUS featureF4 Plus hardware adopts the international popular POE design that allows for easy, guards against the static and electricity jam, F4plus provides: Over current and voltage protest in output and input. Prevent dismantle alarm. Monitors the voltage and watchdog system. The quality is excellence. The Web Server remote data collecting/ access control system, is based on the TCP/IP standard network architecture handle and the manage data , infrastructure, adopt the common WEB page request to

It is not limited by area, and isnt need to install other software,

can download and manage the data information in the finger access control device through IE,


NETSCAPE Brewers , then make all kind of the statistics report for enterprise management and decision _making, improve effective of management.

1 Configure the Web Server Running EnvironmentFirst use the Web server to detect the IP address of fingerprint device, E.g. the IP address of the fingerprint device is Input

thehttp:// to the IE address column, enter and like as the following figure.

The default name of super administer is the admin, the login password is admin888. NoticeIn order to improve system security, please enter Configure Web Server parameter to revise the password

1.1 Identity authenticationsAfter Click to configure Web Sever parameter, put up the identity authentication to check whether owns the privilege to configure the Web Sever parameter. Input the user name and password to examine, after meet the


authentication request, and then enter to configure the Web Server

1.2 Web Server Running EnvironmentEnter to configure interface, like as following figure.

Web Root Path Source file directory and its default value is myweb. Web Port the default port is 80 SessionHow many users are available to login at same time? Session TimeoutThe time define as the overtime of linking, when the user has not done any operation in a setting period, the system will default the user has been away, and the exit automatically. Default Language The default language is Chinese and English.Above each parameter all are able to changed, first make that the cursor is located in the text frame, and directly input the revises value. For example, changes Web Port to 8888, input 8888 in the address column of IE browser when enter the system. As the Default Language is a Chinese, the system prompt language all is a Chinese; As the Default Language is English, the system prompt language all is English. Note: according to the real condition to revise the Default Language and the Web Port,


the best way is to use the default setup. After complete the setup to save it, be sure restart the device immediately or later, so the configuration changes take effect

1.3 Configure AdministerClick next to enter the administer interface, the system has 3 kinds of user Supper admin Own the privilege to use all function of the device. Such as Access control setup. User management. System setup. Data manage. Manager It is only used to access control setup and user administer. Individual UserIt is only used to admin the user.

Super Administer password revision: Inputs the admin in the user management, login the password to input the new password. Clicks "Save Setup" to modify the password. Inputs the user name in the user management, login the password and select the respective group, after click Save Setup, it will add a manager to system, and also can increase a record in the list. After the operation complete, clicks next step to enter Web Server Setup to the complete interface, if you have configured the Web Server parameter, please restart the terminal to make that the setup become effective; If needs to reconfigure Web Server setup Reconfigure '; If needs to login the Web system, please click Login Web System single-click '


Note it is only the supper administer own the option to configure Web Sever, whatever it is in the any condition the super admin can not be canceled, can but modify the password, the new registered administer can not modify the password or the privilege, if do not need, please delete it.


Access Control SetupThe Access Control Setup is the configuration of users unlocks Time Periods and

unlock combine. The access control setup module include: Time Periods setup, group setup, unlock combine setup. Each users setup made by the group setup, the use group Time Periods, the user Time Periods belong to ones, The grouping is that the user is distributed into a group, like as 1group, 2 group and so on; it is capable to distribute user in the adding new user or modifying user information procedure . The group Time Periods can support to choose most three time, these three Time Periods are "or" the relations (it is enough namely to satisfy only one of the three). Unlocking combination definition is the combination which is defined by different unlocking; each combination is composed by the different group. Take a simple to explain the unlocking condition a registration user can: 1: The users group must be in the unlocking combination (also to be possible together with other groups in an unlocking combination, but needs to be able to together unlock door).

2the current unlocking time locate in any effective time range of the user Time Periods or groupperiod time, The system default the new user registered belong to the first group, and the grouping is the first group, and the group Time Periods is "1", until configure access control (if user modify the

setup the new user registered is defaulted in the unlocking status corresponded setup

of the access control , system will change along with user's revision), if

there are no user to belong to the group in the unlock combine, then user can not unlock door


Verification Flow of Access ControlUser presses fingerprint

No Cant unlock door Open

User TZYes No


Yes TimeZone Deny No Effective TZ

Yes Voice prompts Thank You to confirm success No User GRP in unlocking Comb

Cant unlock Door


Satisfy certain unlocking combination

No Next GRP user

Yes Combine to unlock door

2.1 Definition Time PeriodsThe default interface is a definition of the time periods of access control setup; it is available directly to set Time Periods through the interface. The time period is the minimum hour unit of access control option. The overall system is ability to divide into maximum 50 Time Periods. Each time period is defined as seven times ranges a week, each time range is an effective time periods in the 24 hours of a day. Each user is ability to set 3 time periods, the relationships among three time periods are "or", it is effective so long as the verified time can satisfy one of these three time period,. Each time period range format is: HH:MM-HH:MM, the system defers to 24 hours mode and get accurate minimum unit until the minute. The end- time is less than the start- time (23:57- 23:56) to express the entire day to be


forbidden, the end-time is larger than the start- time (00:00- 23:59) to express this range is effective. The effective time period for the user to unlock: Entire day open (00: 00-23: 59) or the endtime is larger than the start- time in the time period.

Input time period serial number: After set the time period, clicks the save setup, and then added the time period appear under the interface table. Serial number is 1 --50


Groups SettingThe group setup is ability to divide the user into a group; the system has defined 5 groups: 1 group, 2 groups, 3 groups, 4 groups, 5 groups. The system default the new user registered belongs to 1 group, ability to redistributes user into each group while add new user or revise user procedure. The group Time Periods has three Time Period, their relationship are "or". Input group serial number: After Set group setup, clicks the Save to save setup , then add the group setup express the under table. Serial number 1 -5


Note: this group is invalid when the Time Period 1 is 0, if the time Period 2 is 0, otherwise the time Period 3 is invalid

2.3 Access Combinethe unlocks combination is the direct performance to control locks, for example, if a user want that all user registered are not able to unlock, combination all are empty. The unlock combination definition is to define different ability the unlocking combination; each combination is composed by the different group. The unlocking combination directly use group number, does not consider the user verification sequence between each group. For example "1,2,3"expressed 1 group 2 group , 3 group at least one user of the each group together are verified until the lock can be operated; "4" an express that a alone user of 4 group has been verified then the lock is able to be unlocked user would set the 10 unlocks