You won’t regret it! CFL+Training-NEW_men. · Key 3 - Ripped Sets ... (HIIT) is a great alternative…

Download You won’t regret it! CFL+Training-NEW_men. · Key 3 - Ripped Sets ... (HIIT) is a great alternative…

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  • Kyle LeonKyle Leon

    Im very excited for you to hit this fast-track 12 week Fat incinerating program because I know what it has done for many of my clients and close friends in the past and I know what it is about to do for you.

    Thats why Im going to get you started as quickly as I can without filling this program with a bunch of complicated science that will have you on your computer reading instead of in the gym TRAINING!!

    I made this a short, straight to the point program that gives you exactly what you want and need without any B.S filler or useless, complicated blabbering.

    Thats not my style.

    Im about getting you RESULTS and get-ting them FAST.

    This is the exact 12 week program that many of my transformation clients have used to lose as much as 70 lbs in a 12 week period.

    By now you should understand what your somatotype is through the information provided in the Customized Fat Loss For Men manual.

    hello & Welcome!I want to start off by quickly congratulating you for

    making the decision to take your physique to the next level using the Customized Fat Loss For Men 12 week program. (CFL)

    You wont regret it!

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  • Kyle LeonKyle Leon

    This is very important for you to determine before you move on.

    The CFL program is based specifically around your somatotype and the goal of losing stubborn fat and keeping lean muscle.

    The best bodybuilders and fitness models in the world all recognize the need to train specific ways that favor their genetics. This can be referred to as somato-specific training.

    There is not a one size fits all approach to training if you are serious about taking your body to the next level.

    Im talking about the level that really gets you noticed.

    Any training program that doesnt customize the training based around YOUR soma-toype will not maximize your fat loss because there are so many important variables that are completely ignored.

    For example, your somatotype will determine exactly:

    What exercises you should be doing -

    How many sets you need to be doing -

    How many reps you need to do per set -

    How many sets you train to failure -

    If you should train past failure -

    How much rest time in between sets -

    The CFL 12 week program takes care of all of that for you along with more advanced techniques used to break through any fat loss plateau.

    The CFL program has been developed for intermediate-advanced trainers. Beginners can still benefit from this program when you know how to perform all of the basic exercises with proper form. If you are completely new to weight training I do recom-mend mastering proper form before using this program.

    It is important that we cover some topics that are keys to losing the most fat hu-manly possible with the CFL program.

    Key 1 - Training to failure

    Many people misunderstand and have various definitions of what training to failure is. Let me define it so that you are clear:

    Training to failure is performing an exercise to the point where you cannot complete another rep using proper form. It is the point where your muscles physiologically fail, NOT when you think you cant complete another rep.

    There is not a one size fits all

    approach to training if you are

    serious about taking your body to

    the next level.

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  • Kyle LeonKyle Leon

    When you are performing a training to failure set, you must perform the set with proper form UNTIL your muscles physically fail you.

    In the CFL program training to failure is strategically and specifically based around whats best for your somatotype. You will be training to failure on these specific sets ONLY.

    This will make sure all your muscle fibers have been fully stimulated without overdo-ing it and without risking overtraining.

    Following this exact program and performing these sets correctly is very important and is vital to losing fat. Training to failure on more sets than outlined will have the OPPOSITE effect that you want so DO NOT think you are helping yourself by doing so. Training to failure on less sets that outlined will be short-changing yourself and result in less fat loss than youre capable of.

    Long and short of it is to just follow the program and youll be all good!!

    Key 2 - Training Past Failure

    In CFL there will be specific times when you will be required to train past failure. For these sets, you WILL require a spotter that knows what he/she is doing. Training past failure is when you have reached failure and now require a spotter to help you complete 1 more repetition. This spotter must be instructed to NEVER allow the movement of the weight to completely stop. A good spotter will make you work extremely hard, but will always give you just enough help to keep the weight mov-ing slowly towards the finishing position.

    We do not want you staying stuck for any length of time if possible.

    Key 3 - Ripped Sets

    Ripped Sets are the sets MOST responsible for pushing your fat loss forward from one workout to the next. You have the opportunity to take advantage of Ripped sets every workout in this 12 week program.

    True Ripped Sets require more work from the muscle being trained than the previ-ous workout.

    This is achieved by:

    Lifting - more weight in a training to failure or past failure set for the same reps as the previous workout.

    Completing more reps in a training to failure or past failure set with the same -weight as the previous workout.

    Doing the same weight and reps in a training to failure or past failure set BUT with -a MORE fatigued muscle starting the set than the previous workout.

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  • Kyle LeonKyle Leon

    You have to look at these sets as a wonderful opportunity to improve, progress and stimulate more fat loss each workout!

    CFL 12 week program has identified these sets for you in the form of a light blue highlight (eg 1 x 8-10). It will be up to you what to do with them.

    Key 4 - Rest Time

    Your rest time in between sets will be specifically based on your somatotype for the goal of losing fat and maintaining lean muscle. This is very precise and should be followed as closely as possible. You will notice great differences in rest time between certain somatotypes and less differences between others.

    Key 5 - Free Weights and Machines

    You will also notice that there is no one size fits all approach to this topic either. Lately youll hear a lot of people demonizing machines but we can strategically uti-lize both free weights and machines for maximal muscle growth. Your somatotype will determine how to best take advantage of machine work.

    Also, you will find we take advantage of machines on pre-fatigued muscles espe-cially in weeks eleven and twelve to take the fat burning process to the next level.

    Find your somatotype below and follow the CFL twelve week program exactly for maximum fat loss.

    Key 6 - Customized Cardio

    I am sure many of us have asked ourselves at some point which cardio routine is the most effective. Many believe that both high and low intensity workouts are good at helping to burn body fat. Which one then is the best and quickest way to reduce your body fat?

    It has been scientifically established that when doing intensive workouts your body burns glycogen. This is a form of carbohydrate, stored in your liver and muscles for energy. However scientists also point out that low intensity workouts burn a lot of body fat.

    Unfortunately, there are still many obese people dutifully doing low intensity train-ing who seem to be having little to no success at burning their body fatso again, which one is best???

    Heres my take on this problem. It is correct that a body burns more body fat dur-ing low intensity exercise programs like swimming, walking or leisurely bike rides. However when doing high intensity activities like running, a lot more calories are used by your body and has you dropping weight a lot quicker. The only issue is that some of these calories being burned are indeed in the form of glycogen (although many fat calories are burned as well). Again, I am sure you are thinking which one do I use? The answer is BOTH!!!

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  • Kyle LeonKyle Leon

    Both low intensity cardio and high intensity cardio have their advantages and disadvantages (as stated below) but when combined together along with a strength training program and perfect nutrition the results are magnified.

    Lets take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of these training regimens.

    A Breakdown of High Intensity Interval Training

    For all of you who are tired of the monoto-nous hours on the treadmill, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great alternative to burning fat.

    What that would look like on the treadmill is 20 seconds at 10-12mph, followed by a minute at a slow jog of 3 - 4 mph. By the end of the sprint interval you should be dying.

    Usually 10 - 12 cycles is enough (about 15 - 20 minutes). If you arent exhausted after 12 cycles you werent sprinting hard enough.

    Pros and Cons of HIIT


    Less Time: Compared to 30 - 45 minute cardio sessions, an HIIT session can be completed in around 15 minutes. Any busy person can appreciate this.

    Metabolism: It has been well documented that HIIT sessions not only burn calories during the session, but also increase the bodys metabolism over the next 24 hours. This means a few HIIT sessions throughout the week will make you burn more calories when youre sitting on your butt at the office!

    Muscle Retention: The amount of power one must exert during a HIIT session causes an increase in growth hormone in the body, which will aid in muscle reten-tion. This is important since traditional cardio can be very catabolic (muscle burning).

    Increased Athleticism: HIIT increases sprint ability and VO2 max (lung capacity). This will aid athletes in most sports that require quick bursts of energy at intermittent times.


    Because HIIT is so intense, it may create some issues:

    Usually 10 - 12 cycles is enough

    (about 15 - 20 minutes).

    If you arent exhausted after 12 cycles you werent

    sprinting hard enough.

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  • Kyle LeonKyle Leon

    Difficulty: They say No Pain, No Gain. HIIT is very effective, but will also leave you with legs burning, gasping for air, after each cycle. The sheer difficulty of sprinting at maximal speeds for 10 - 12 cycles can be daunting for some people.

    Injuries: The intensity of running at more than 10mph puts a lot of strain on the muscles if they arent warmed up properly, or if you havent sprinted for years. Ease into an HIIT program gradually.

    Exclusivity: HIIT cant be incorporated on top of weight training work outs like regular, steady-state cardio. Your performance will suffer drastically if your energy levels arent at 100% while performing HIIT. Either do HIIT on off days or at least a few hours after your weight training work out.

    A Breakdown of Low Intensity Cardio


    Circulation/Fat Burn: Low Intensity training is beneficial in an exercise program as it generates good circulation and overall well-being in the body, as well as providing high fat-burning.

    Injuries/Fat percentage: This type of training enables participants to exercise for a longer duration and typically produces fewer injuries then high intensity programs. It has been documented that Low Intensity training burns about 50% of fat for energy while training. Not bad. While high intensity training has a lower percentage of about 40% of fat for energy while training.

    Studies have found that Low Intensity training improves insulin sensitivity and decreasing fasting insulin levels. Great for those looking to lose weight and control their diabetes.


    Metabolism: As I mentioned above, Low Intensity training is great for burning fat but only for the amount of time you are working out. This means that as soon as you stop exercising, fat burning basically stops. In contrast, High intensity training will spike you metabolism and keep it spiked for the rest of the day, sometimes up to 24 hours! This means that you will continue to burn calories and fat all day long. With HIIT training, fat is not burned much during the workout, rather it is burned for the rest of the day. That is a powerful fat burning system and one that really works.

    Time: It is no surprise that to realize the benefits of Low Intensity workouts you have to spend a lot more time than you would with high intensity workouts. You must put in a minimum of 45-60 minutes per session to get any of the benefits out of it. This is not ideal for people who are time restricted or who become distracted/bored easily. It can be quite monotonous for certain individuals that will cause a lack of motivation to complete the next days workout.

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  • Kyle LeonKyle Leon

    So here are examples of optimal High Intensity Interval Training and Low Intensity Interval Training. There are many variations of these workouts that you can com-plete but these are the exact ones that I have all of my Transformation Clients use with the utmost success. Please look at your specific somatotype for your exact Cardio schedule.

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    Week 1-4 4-8 9-12

    2 min walk 2 min walk 2 min walk

    5 min jog 5 min jog 2 min jog

    1 min sprint 1 min sprint 1 min sprint

    1 min walk 1 min walk 1 min walk

    1min jog 1min jog 1min jog

    {Repeat 4 times} {Repeat 6 times} {Repeat 8 times}

    5 min jog 5 min jog 2 min jog

    2 min walk 2 min walk 2 min walk

    Total Time 26 min 32 min 32 min

    * Note: Not all weekly cardio schedules are broken down evenly as organized above.However, it is important to follow the specified program dependant on your personal-ized schedule. For example, the Endo-Mesomorph is instructed to do 5 High Intensitytraining sessions for weeks 11-12. This means if you are Endo-Meso you will look at the schedule for weeks 9-12 and do this routine 5 times per week.

    Low Intensity Training

    You can make your own choice in which type of low intensity cardio you would like to do. Please realize that you must still burn the same amount of calories as instructed in your Customized Fat Loss For Men Software package.

    Most sessions are going to last between 45 mins and 1 hour so if you are time restricted be sure to do these on your days off, after work, before work etc. If you have the time then do this cardio after your weight training session.

    Here are a list of Low Intensity cardio sessions you can choose from:

    Walking or light jog (most popular) -

    Cycling (NOT spin classes) -

    Ice skating/roller blading (leisure) -

    Swimming -

    Rowing machine -

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  • Kyle LeonKyle Leon

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