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A small take through Youtube and creation of effective Promoted Videos using Youtube Channel.


  • 1. YouTube Promoted Videos

2. We are here for What is YouTube Why YouTube YouTube Fact and Statistics YouTube and Search Engines YouTube and Promoted Videos 3. What is YouTube Video Sharing Video Uploading Video Viewing Content like Short Films, Video Blogs, Movie Clips, Music Videos Largest video site over the web Both Media and a community Source of Entertainment, knowledge, engagement, etc 4. Why YouTube Around 100 Million Visitors visit YouTube per Month Second option for information other than search giants like Google Relevant Videos Affects Search results Free King of video content 5. YouTube Facts and Statistics Exceeds 2 billion views a day Every Minute 24 hours of video is uploaded Average netizen spends 15 minutes a day on Youtube Over 3 million auto-shares on various sites in a day There are more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link 52% Male and 48 % female users. 44% are aged 18-44 years People come to YouTube to visit 1 video, but end up watching several videos like 7 or 15 videos. 6. YouTube and Search Engine Affects Search results Title is keyword for search results Description must be keyword rich Video Search Engine Source of Backlink 7. YouTube and Promoted Videos Enables Search Advertising Benefits Keyword based targeting Drives community engagement YouTube Search Results pages, within Related Videos and on the YouTube homepage more video views and a higher view count Product Awareness Drive traffic to other sites with enabled hyperlinks Action Based marketplace Auction Based marketplace Statistical data Views are 3x more than any other searched video. 8. Effective Promoted Videos Create a channel Dont be glamorous be authentic Keywords are key Using overlay to its best Dont be boring Dont be repetitive Keep Interacting through comments i.e. keep the engagement Only Commercials should not be a part of your strategy Video must be sharable and explanatory. Virality is followed Keep user engaged with effective overlays 9. Promoted Video Overlay 10. Effective Promoted Videos 11. Thank You All the images used in this presentation are taken from Google's Public Image Search with no intentions of violating any Copyright laws. You can connect with me on Twitter @gupta_kaushal


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