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  • You told us oh Muhammad, love for yourself what you love for your brother.You told us to join with God absolutely no other.You told us to care for the orphans and poor.

  • You told us where to find peace and find our hearts cure.You told us to live by the law of God to succeed.You told us not to back chat and told us how to lead.

  • You told us of the grave and you told us of death.You told us of how you are merely a man who will struggle your last breath.You told us how to bow and obey.

  • You told us how to live like its our last day.You told us of the End to come with Jesus as our guide.You told us how to live not in falseness or in pride.

  • You told us to smile and that work was worship.You told us to seek Allah in this worlds hardship.You told man to be kind to women and to please her and be fair.

  • You told woman to obey her man to protect his home and care.You told man of what the woman wants and what she feels inside.You told man that he must be patient and love his eternal bride.

  • You told us of the miracles and you spoke of peace and truth.You told us that we must protect the old and teach and love the youth.You told us why the laws of God were there and we must follow.

  • You told us how if we ignored, the world would see this sorrow.You told us that we were given, Gods gift of a soul and thought.You told us that if we fail, its our own misery that we bought.You told us that Satan lives to fool us into bad.

  • You told us that Satan lives to fool us into bad.You told us of how he'll trick and we'll leave the pureness we once had.You told us to fast so that we may know hunger and to cure our stomachs of lifes feasts.

  • You told us, if we only knew what is coming, tests, signs and beasts.You told us that they would come and that we will witness the final hour.You told us of every thing in life and of Gods perfect mighty power.

  • You told us many things that would give us peace and ease.You told us how to protect the animals, birds and trees.You told us how to respect the belief of others where we live.

  • You told us that Islam was a religion of mercy that we give.But, they cant see your words, for they refuse to read.And only when they do, will their hearts ever surely head.

  • And if only they knew, the way Islam created child benefit and more.They would think twice about, the Book that they ignore.

  • And if only they could see past what others accuse and say.They would run to this peace, right now and here today!


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