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Writing for the Web: Strategies to Promote Good Writing Darlene Fichter Data Library Coordinator University of Saskatchewan Library library.usask.ca/~fichter Slide 2 Outline Classic Mistakes 10 Ways to Encourage Web Writing Slide 3 Wordiness Strike out useless words Slide 4 Legalese By clicking the submit button, you agree to abide by regulations specified by both the borrowing and the lending library concerning the use of the borrowed item. You also agree that you have read the copyright notice and will observe copyright provisions in the use of any library material requested. ILL loan form Slide 5 Put Important Items First Put the most important things first Enamored by alphabet Link density should be highest above the fold Slide 6 Harness Hypertext Power Slide 7 Jargon InfoTrac | Ebscohost | | Lexis-Nexis Newsbank | MELVYL, HAYSTAC, SUNCAT Course Integrated Sessions Information Literacy Circulation, collections, reference Slide 8 Use Words for Important Announcements Use words not graphics for promoting new program or service Slide 9 Dont SHOUT Slide 10 Typography Layout your text consistently to support how users read Slide 11 Promoting Good Writing Lots of ways to promote good writing Depends on your situation One author or many? Decentralized or centralized Slide 12 Make the Case With management With the web team Ideally designate an editor for content who will: Review the site Set guidelines and standards Mentor new authors Slide 13 Set Standards with Your Team Editorial standards Capitalization, punctuation Acronyms Styles Headings, subheadings Make a site wide style sheet Make it mandatory Consider typography and layout Slide 14 Pre-Publication Checklists Spell checking Uses standard styles Follows editorial guidelines Check for: Hyperlinks embedded in text Dense block of texts Check readability statistics Word count over ______ Slide 15 Lead By Example Make sure the areas that you control are succinct, clear and easy to read Annotations in a subject directory Slide 16 Recognize Good Writing Let other authors know about particular pages that are well written Tell stories Slide 17 Recruit Authors as Observers for Your Next Usability Test Nothing works better Seeing is believing Slide 18 Marketing Send out tips or a newsletter by email Sprinkle in writing tips Plan a seminar Slide 19 Be a Teacher Do not assume new authors will know how to write for the web Slide 20 Foster External Review If you dont have a site wide editor, encourage authors to partner with another author and ask for a review For major sections, ask for prototypes so you can review and make suggestions before its set in stone Slide 21 Provide Resources Plain language word lists Before and After examples Instead ofUse constructbuild concerningabout in order toto Slide 22 Questions? Thank you!


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