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<ol><li> 1. BECOME OUR NEXT CTO WOW YOUR FUTURE WOW OUR HK HKBN Graduate Technical Trainee 2015 JOIN US </li><li> 2. Fibre optic network covers over 2.1 million homes (about 80% of total residential flats in HK) &amp; more than 1,900 commercial buildings Revolutionised IDD market and reduced tariffs by 50% Launched HKs first 100Mbps &amp; first 1,000Mbps Fibre-to-the-Home service in 2005 HKs largest Wi-Fi wholesale service supplier with over 11,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across HK Telecom Asia Awards Best Broadband Carrier Award HKBN Solutions Day Market leader of hi-speed residential broadband service (symmetrical 100Mbps and above) with over 700,000 subscriptions Hong Kong I.T. Brand Awards 2014 Excellent Brand of Business Broadband Prestigious Corporate Brand Awards 2014 - Top Favorite Internet Service Brand WOW OUR HK </li><li> 3. YOUR WISH LIST HKBN CO-OWNERSHIP HK$ 24,000 / mth OVERSEAS STUDY TRIP FREE BROADBAND SERVICE X 2 EARLY-OFF FRIDAYS FLEXI HOURS PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION ANNIVERSARY LEAVE </li><li> 4. HKBN Graduate Technical Trainee 2015 JOIN US Whatsapp: 9172 0753 WOW YOUR FUTURE </li></ol>