Worldwide Intranet Challenge - Intranet end user behavior Sept 2013

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Worldwide Intranet Challenge - IntraTeam presentation (v2)

Worldwide Intranet ChallengeAnalysis of Intranet End User BehaviourSeptember 2013Andrew Wright World Intranet Challenge (WIC)

First thing get people to complete the online survey. After viewing results, the goal of the session is to convince you that you have got this back to front.

When I first started developing the material for this presentation it was supposed to be about finding information. And how delivering content with a meaningful context would expedite this. After all, finding information is the biggest problem people have with intranets right? Well as I analysed the data, something even more important became apparent and startling


What is the Worldwide Intranet Challenge?

What are the most valuable intranet qualities

Case studiesAgenda

Who has done it?

Over 45,000 people In 23 countries Over 160 companies Including (see all): Nestl Emirates Airline British Gas Deloitte Arup

Why participate?

Measure satisfaction Measure before & after Motivate the intranet team Basis of a business case Determine priorities Learn tips & tricks

To deliver a better intranetWhat is the WIC?

Its a web based survey Asks users what they think About their intranet Available in 13 languages


What is the Worldwide Intranet Challenge?

Why did I start the WIC? Had a feeling like many people - that intranets have huge untapped potential for improving the way we work. From giving people more freedom and control over where and how they work to taking away the sysphiun condition3

SharePoint24 SharePoint 200721 SharePoint 201015 Other75 Not known20155

In your opinion, which of the following is the most important in contributing to a valuable intranet?

Look and feelEase of finding informationIntranet governanceStaff able to contribute and interactPerformance and availabilityHelp completing work tasksQuality of content

Please complete the survey5




The greater level of interactivity the greater value of the intranet


Finding information has virtually no correlation with how much time people spend on the intranet

What if the problem is NOT that people cant find what they want but that the content doesnt exist in the first place

Explain how this has been a dilemma for a while. The possible solution is that the content doesnt exist in the first place. Lets look at the evidence.12

Approximately 90% of staff do not regularly contribute to the intranet.

More than 50% never do

Represents a treasure chest of information13

Not enough priority given to persuading people to contribute

People dont know what they should be contributing

Not enough priority given to change management

If this hypothesis is right it should be easier to find information for those organisations where there is a high level of contribution and hard to find information where there is a low level of contribution? This is fact the case. By now, I am 90% convinced the problem with finding information in the intranet is not search, lack of meta data, poor information architecture but lack of quality content. People dont want to contribute. Definitely my personal experience. At least not on an ongoing or sustainable basis.17

What type of content should people be publishing?

Which intranet content types are most useful?

Signal content more valuable than noise content

So if we agree that finding information is not the problem its content. Note the different types of content and how important they are considered in the survey. What can we do about it?19


The content types here seem roughly to match those in the survey results qualified content is more valuable than WIP/Collaborative content. Also important to distinguish between different content types the signal and the noise quality content V collaborative content. One more valuable than the other.20

Case StudiesThe NoiseThe SignalChange Management

Case Study: nSynergy

Worldwide Intranet Challenge rankings:#1 Discuss work topics#1 Collaborate with other staff#2 Publish content#3 Provide feedback or comments about intranet content

Key design principle: Reduce the need for emailThe Noise

A very powerful tool to arm your employees with as it helps protect you from developing silos

Social interaction helps people be more productive, useful and visible also results in higher engagement and satisfaction levels

I have found it much more engaging and useful than any intranet I have used in other companiesSince implementing social collaboration technology, email traffic has reduced by a staggering 50 per cent company-wide

Its the place where people build real relationships with colleagues in other locations

it helps to achieve sustainedadoption of your intranet, adding continuous value to your employees (and your business)

ColleagueupdatesnSynergy Home pageLeaderblog


My SitepageIntegrated NewsgatorPersonalisednews feedList of communitiesfollowedShare docsCommentsList of colleaguesfollowedGamificationMicro blogQuestionThreads - ask & Respond to questions

Case Study: Government Organisation

Worldwide Intranet Challenge rankings: Top 10%Instructions for completing work tasksPolicies and proceduresPublish contentKey design principles: Make it easy for staff to publish FAQsIntegrate publishing into daily work - sustainable

The Signal


Information ArchitectureShows the relationships betweencontent types

Look-up columns means they are linked breaks down silos- contextGeneratedautomatically breaksdown silos- contextFeedbackWiki contentWhats newAccess to all work instructions


Showslatest changesby role continuousimprovementShows populartasksShows scheduledtasksHandy linksto supportingcontent - contextAd hocrequestedtasks

Aggregates content types owned by the Business Unit on a single page

Case Study: Weston Solutions

Worldwide Intranet Challenge rankings:#1 Overall ranked intranet#1 For many of the questionsFirst benchmark ranked #77Key design principles: Support Weston Solutions business objectivesStrong emphasis on change managementMust support staffs daily business activities

Change Management

Personal links3 key current themesEmployeespotlightchanges each day


Followed Dr. John Kotters 8 step process for leading change

Conducted town hall meetings to spread the word

A Five for Five plan: employees spend five minutes talking about the Portal with a portal committee member in exchange for a $5 gift certificate

One-page Quick Start Guides with examples of usage and success that are shared every two weeksApproach to change managementA competition between business units to update profiles

Weekly brown bag sessions, offered virtually and locally to share best practices

A portal minute before every company meeting including quick did you know statements and best practices about the portal

A 30 for 30: an online meeting that offers 30 portal tips in 30 minutes

Complete videos series

Staff participation should be #1 priority

An interactive intranet is a valuable intranet

More time on intranet is a GOOD thing

Qualified content more valuable than unqualified though integrally related

Change management key to successRecap

To participate in the