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Site up-dated: April 21, 2009 "THE WORLD'S CLASSICS" and "OXFORD WORLD'S CLASSICS": A Guide to the Clothbound Editions (and Their Variants) Compiled by J. Godsey, Geoffrey Milburn and Nicholas Murray With additional contributions by R.B. Bernstein, Roxann Bilger, John Birchall, Brian Butler, Stephen Butler, Katherine Butson, Malcolm Campbell, Steve Czyzowski, Edward Davidson, Richard Ford, Rosemary and Graham Kelsey, Joseph Keogh, Peter Miskech, Albert Robbins, Don Rogerson, Bev Tomlinson, Ian Westbury, Betty F. Wilkinson, Richard Williams, and other correspondents [names to be added]. Edited by Geoffrey Milburn [This guide is currently in draft form; it is incomplete and some details may be incorrect. Please e-mail corrections or additions to: milburn[symbol] All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.]

Information collected in this Guide: C Bibliographic details of clothbound World's Classics volumes (all series). C Details of a variant (including minor variations and textual corrigenda) to a volume. C Volume contents of collections of essays, short stories, plays, etc. C Descriptions of dust-jackets: details of non-standard dj design; details of standard dj design; name of dj artist; description of a unique photo/engraving/typographic feature; colour(s); date; description of special feature (double volume, bio. of author, portrait of author, unique feature on spine, etc.). [See Appendix IV for a list of OWC dustjacket `types'.]


Abbreviations in this Guide: Var: = Either a variant in the original series, or an alternative edition in another section of this Guide [DJ] [DJI] = [dust-jacket] [dust-jacket illustrator] [DATE] = verified year for a feature Sections in Listings in this Guide: Section I: The World's Classics: 1901-1978 Section II: WC Galaxy Editions (OUP New York): 1947-1949 Section III: WC Chancellor Press (Hamlyn/ Avenel) Editions: 1985-1987 Section IV: WC/OWC `Special' Editions: 1980- (continuing) Section V: OWC Centenary Series: 1999- (continuing) Appendix I: Boys' Classics series: 1904-1908 Appendix II: WC `Double'/ `Omnibus' volumes in the 1930s Appendix III: The `Seven Best Sellers', 1939 Appendix IV: Oxford World's Classics Dustjackets: A List Appendix V: Oxford World's Classics: A Reference List Section I: The World's Classics: 1901-1978 From advertising pages appended to Charles Dickens, Great Expectations (OUP, 1907): The best recommendation of `The World's Classics' is the books themselves, which have earned unstinted praise from all the leading critics and the public.... Only the world's literary masterpieces have been, and will be, included in the series .... 1 BRONT, CHARLOTTE, Novels of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bront I: Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, with pref. and note, ix+558pp., 1901. Var: [reset] xi+548pp., 1933. [DJ Standard typographic design with Oxford crest, port. of Charlotte Bront on rear flap/ black and white on red, 1955]


[DJI Lynton Lamb/ Jane, alarmed and wearing a white night-gown, white on red, 1958] [DJI Bill Botten/ Jane's head against a burning Thornfield Hall, 1970] Var: Chancellor Press edn, 1985. Var: Oxford World's Classics edn, 1999. 2 LAMB, CHARLES, The Essays of Elia and the Last Essays of Elia, with pref. to the Last Essays (`by a friend of the late Elia'), xii+382pp., 1901. [Slipcase 1901 [?]] [DJ Blue on white; portrait of Charles Lamb from a painting by William Hazlitt; `Nobody has ever succeeded in imitating him, even in his most obvious quaintnesses, while the blending of these quaintnesses with a pathos which is never mere sentiment is a secret not merely undiscovered yet by imitators, but escaping even any complete analysis.'--George Saintsbury, 1928] [DJ Standard global map design/ black and white on red, 1931] Var: [reset] rev. edn from text ed. T. Hutchinson, vii+396pp., 1946. [DJ Standard typographic design with Oxford crest/ black and white on green, 1951] [DJI Lynton Lamb/ dark-orange, 1959] 3 TENNYSON, ALFRED, LORD, Poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson 1830-1858, vii+495pp., 1901. Var: new edn, Poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson 1830-1865, sel. and intro. Sir Herbert Warren, xxvi+600pp., 1910. [DJ Pencil port. of the young Tennyson; quote: `You can never open Tennyson at the wrong page'--D.G. Rossetti. Quote from W.P. Ker follows/ blue on white, 1925]] Var: see #517. 4 GOLDSMITH, OLIVER, The Vicar of Wakefield, vii+213pp., 1901. [DJ Typographic design/ decorative device, black on orange red/ on sultan red leather, 1910] [DJ Blue on white; illustration of `Mr Burchell reading the Ballad of "The Hermit"'; `We read the Vicar of Wakefield in youth and old age. We return to it again and again, and bless the memory of an author who contrives so well to reconcile us to human nature.' Sir Walter Scott, 1920] Var: [reset] ix+238pp., 1938. [DJI ?] Var: [reset] viii+216pp., 1947. [DJI ?] Var: [reset] ix+238pp., 1953. [DJ Standard typographic design with Oxford crest, Goldsmith bio [but no port.] on rear flap/ black and white on red, 1953]


Var: [reset] viii+216pp., 1959. [DJI Edward Ardizzone/ vicar and group/ black and white on pink, 1961] 5 HAZLITT, WILLIAM, Works I: Table-Talk: Essays on Men and Manners [On the pleasure of painting; On the past and the future; On genius and common sense; Character of Cobbett; On people with one idea; On the ignorance of the learned; The Indian jugglers; On living to one's-self; On thought and action; On will-making; On certain inconsistencies in Sir Joshua Reynolds's discourses; On paradox and common-place; On vulgarity and affectation; On a landscape of Nicolas Poussin; On Milton's sonnets; On going a journey; On coffee-house politicians; On the aristocracy of letters; On criticism; On great and little things; On familiar style; On effeminacy of character; Why distant objects please; On corporate bodies; Whether actors ought to sit in the Boxes?; On the disadvantages of intellectual superiority; On patronage and puffing; On the knowledge of character; On the picturesque and the ideal; On the fear of death], vi+450pp., 1901. [DJ Typographic design/ decorative device, black on orange red/ on sultan red leather, 1910] Var: 442pp. date? [?] [DJI ?] 6 EMERSON, RALPH WALDO, Works I: Essays: First and Second Series [First series: History; Self-reliance; Compensation; Spiritual laws; Love; Friendship; Prudence; Heroism; The over-soul; Circles; Intellect; Second series: Art; The poet; Experience; Character; Manners; Gifts; Nature; Politics; Nominalist and realist], vi+354pp., 1901. [DJI ?] 7 KEATS, JOHN, The Poetical Works of John Keats, frontis.: portrait of Keats, viii+336pp., 1901. Var: index of titles; index of first lines added, viii+344pp., 1923. Var: new enlarged edn, index of titles, index of first lines, x+470pp., 1927. [DJ `Isabella & her pot of basil' 1928] [DJ Standard global map design/ black and white on orange, 1934.] [DJI Biro/ elaborate framed title with open book and feather pen/ black, white and light blue, 1956] [?] Var: Chancellor Press edn, 1987. 8 DICKENS, CHARLES, Novels of Charles Dickens I: The Adventures of Oliver Twist, xii+511pp., 1901. Var: plus 24 illus. G. Cruikshank, xiv+511pp., 1909.


[DJ Blue on white/ front cover illus. Oliver asking for more (G. Cruikshank)/`A profane work called Oliver Twist having appeared about this is a fact that Lady Walham became so interested in the parish boy's progress, that she took his history into her bedroom...and that kew laughed so immensely at Mr. Bumble, the Beadle, as to endanger the reopening of his wound.'---Thackeray, The Newcombes./ 1921] [DJI Edward Ardizzone/ grey-brown, 1970] [?1957] [DJI George Cruikshank/ drawing of seizure of Oliver/ black and white on buff, 1970] Var: Chancellor Press edn, 1985. 9 INGOLDSBY, THOMAS [Richard Harris Barham], The Ingoldsby Legends, prefs., xi+604pp., 1901. [DJ Standard global map design/ black and white on orange, 1930] 10 BRONT, EMILY, Novels of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bront II: Wuthering Heights, with a preface and memoir of Emily and Anne Bront, by Charlotte Bront, viii+343pp., 1901. [DJI ?] Var: [reset] intro. H.W. Garrod, notes Frederick Page, xxxi+431pp., 1930 [+ geneal. table, 1949]. [DJ Standard global map design/ black and white on yellow, 1930] [DJ Standard typographic design with Oxford crest/ black and white on red, 1939] [DJ Panel: black and white film [from "Wuthering Heights"] photo of an open-armed Merle Oberon (Cathy) about to embrace Laurence Olivier (Heathcliff) [extends to spine]; blue background and white text, 1939] [DJ Standard typographic design with Oxford crest/ black and white on orange, 1947] [?] [Grey slipcase/ quarter polished leather edn, 1950] Var: [no geneal. table] [1966?]. [DJI Lynton Lamb, original series number blacked out and replaced with `564', 1959] [DJI Lynton Lamb/ drawing of Catherine and Heathcliffe on moor/black and white on reddish-orange, 1966] Var: Chancellor Press edn, 1985. Var: Oxford World's Classics edn, 1999. 11 DARWIN, CHARLES, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection on the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life, note G. Allen, 1901, index, vi+454pp., 1902. [DJ Topographic design, with illustrative device on front cover, black on gray, 1914] Var: pref. by Leonard Darwin (v-x); comparison between WC 2nd edition (re-impression of 1860 edn) and 1st edn of 1859 and 6th edn of 1872,


by Irene Manton (xi-lxi), lxi+454pp, 1929. [DJ Standard global map design/ black and white on blueish-grey, 1935 [?]] Var: new pref. Sir Gavin de Beer, xxxii+592pp., 1951. [?] [DJI Diana Bloomfield/ green, 1963] [?1956] 12 BUNYAN, JOHN, The Pilgrim's Progress From This World to That Which is to Come, Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream, illus. Victor W. Burnand, 306pp., 1902. [?] [DJ Standard global map design/ black on blue [date?]] Var: [reset] [no illus.] iv+310pp., 1935. [DJ Standard typographic design with Oxford crest/ black and whi