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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Women in Literature (Essay)</p><p> 1/4</p><p>1 | W o m e n i n L i t e r a t u r e </p><p>WOMEN IN LITERATURE</p><p>Ummul Khoiriyah/112154017</p><p>Outline:</p><p>1. Introduction ThesisThere are some reasons why women become an interesting discussion in</p><p>literature.</p><p>2. First CauseDiscrimination makes women marginalized.</p><p>3. Second CauseWomen mostly will lose their rights and be isolated in expressing their feelings</p><p>and ideas.</p><p>4. Third CauseThe dominance of men causes violence to women.</p><p>5. ConclusionWomens role has been important in literature since previous centuries;</p><p>discrimination, isolation, and violence make feminism works.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Women in Literature (Essay)</p><p> 2/4</p><p>2 | W o m e n i n L i t e r a t u r e </p><p>WOMEN IN LITERATURE</p><p>Ummul Khoiriyah/112154017</p><p>Feminism exists for long period of time since it has been introduced around 19th</p><p>century. Many writers use the theory of feminism in literature due to focus their works</p><p>on women. Thinkers or philosophers have explained their ideas of feminism; related</p><p>to gender differences or womens consciousness of freedom. Feminists concern on</p><p>exposing what women actually feel. They tell the stories, on the form of literary work (it</p><p>can be drama, novel, poem, or short story), which shows how they are interesting in</p><p>discussing women and the entire problem inside. Mostly, their works give illustration of</p><p>women live their life with unsupported environment. Those writers also depict that they</p><p>disagree on womens situation in the previous centuries. There are some reasons why</p><p>women becomes an interesting discussion in literature.</p><p>First of all, there is discrimination causes women marginalized. Differences make</p><p>human alive, there will be no life if people live in the same way. Here, the fact that</p><p>sexual differences exist actually affect women. Women in previous centuries can not do</p><p>anything that does not fit the societys construction. Beauvoir has stated that women</p><p>will be prevented to work, their duty only raising their children or cooking in the</p><p>kitchen. Beliefs and customs in society launch the identity of women that are seen by</p><p>being a mother and a wife [Tidd, 2004: 51-53]. Susan Glaspell is one of dramatist who</p><p>directly shows this term. In her drama entitled Trifles (1916), she uses kitchen as the</p><p>setting of place to prove that it is related to womans thing. Glaspell tells the case of</p><p>Mrs. Wright who killed her own husband in order to take her freedom back. In Mrs.</p><p>Wrights marital life, she was prevented to do anything she wanted including singing in</p><p>choir like before the marriage as she was Minnie Fooster. Women around 19 th century</p><p>will be treated as what people want they to be. They will be unrecognized unless they</p><p>follow how the environment works or they can adapt well.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Women in Literature (Essay)</p><p> 3/4</p><p>3 | W o m e n i n L i t e r a t u r e </p><p>Second, women in the era of Jane Austen will mostly lose their rights and be isolated in</p><p>expressing their feelings and ideas. This is the truth, when gender plays most of the</p><p>important roles in society, women not only will be marginalized but they will be</p><p>isolated. There is no place for women to confess their point of view on certain matters.</p><p>Here, Kate Chopin in her The Story of An Hour (1894), tells the story of Mrs. Mallard</p><p>who died after knowing that her husband, Mr. Mallard, was still alive after the news</p><p>stated her husbands death. She directly gives the situation where Mrs. Mallard did not</p><p>love her husband and kept it in silence for a long time. In contrast, women in this</p><p>modern era will not do the same thing, they are free to choose with whom they want to</p><p>live or refuse everything does not fit them at all. Again, Glaspell also makes the same</p><p>proof trough her drama. She creates two more womens characters, Mrs. Peters and</p><p>Mrs. Hale, who then made a conspiracy not to tell their husbands what evidence and</p><p>assumption they got because of knowing their husbands would not listen their opinion.</p><p>Eventhough, evidence they got only came from a killed bird in a box; it really means</p><p>everything, they assumed that Mr. Wright had killed the bird; he did not like noise. The</p><p>bird symbolizes Mr. Wright who used to sing. We can infer that women will lose most</p><p>of their identity after marriage, because their existence has to picture how their</p><p>husbands are.</p><p>Third, the dominance of men causes violence to women. Beauvoir argued that men who</p><p>are stronger than women will be consequently have the higher position in social</p><p>organization. Women will only place their subordinate position support the idea of men</p><p>and pass trough the system [Tidd, 2004: 52]. Both Mr. Mallard and Mr. Wright felt the</p><p>same way that they had the right to limit their wives. The wives automatically become</p><p>the victim of psychological violence. They of course will have a life in silence that</p><p>nobody knows. Society only sees their marital life as a happiness one without caring</p><p>what problem inside because they think their marriages have fulfilled the construction.</p><p>Feminists not only look at the psychological one, but also the physical one. For</p><p>instance, William Faulkner in Dry September (1931) also shows how McLendon, one of</p><p>the White treated his wife. IT WAS MIDNIGHT when McLendon drove up to his neat</p><p>new house. It was trim and fresh as a birdcage and almost as small, with its clean,</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Women in Literature (Essay)</p><p> 4/4</p><p>4 | W o m e n i n L i t e r a t u r e </p><p>green-and-white paint. Faulkner uses the word of birdcage to depict that</p><p>McLendons wife is like a bird in a cage. McLendon let his wife stayed home and</p><p>limited her. He is told that he used to violent his wife eventhough he knew the</p><p>consequences.</p><p>In conclusion, Womens role has been important in literature since previous centuries;</p><p>discrimination, isolation, and violence make feminism works. Writers often compare the</p><p>condition during the era and the way they write womans character as a contradiction</p><p>with the environment, such as women is unlikely confessing their own feelings. Women</p><p>are considered complicated than men. By observing the condition of previous centuries,</p><p>people start to know what the reasons make women be one of the focuses. There are</p><p>more examples of literary works concern on women outside three examples above.</p><p>Nowadays, women start knowing terms of freedom which makes them stronger and</p><p>bear emancipation.</p><p>References:</p><p>Chopin, Kate. (1894). The Story of An Hour.</p><p>Faulkner, William. (1931). Dry September.</p><p>Glaspell, Susan. (1916). Trifles.</p><p>Tidd, Ursula. (2004). Simone de Beauvoir. London and New York: Routledge Critical</p><p>Thinkers.</p></li></ul>