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Windows Basics: Files and Folders. Computer Information Technology Section 2-2. Desktop and Taskbar. Objective: To know to create and change files and folders. Viewing Files and Folders. Two types of windows: Computer and Explorer . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Windows Basics:Files and FoldersComputer Information Technology Section 2-21Desktop and TaskbarObjective: To know to create and change files and folders.Viewing Files and FoldersTwo types of windows: Computer and Explorer.Most tasks dealing with files and folders can be done using either type of window. Computer

ComputerThe default Computer view has two panes.TheNavigationpaneon the left contains a list ofFavorite Linksto folders that you use often and theFolderslist (folder tree), which shows visually how the drives and folders are related to each other. Theright paneshows the contents of the drive or folder that is selected on the left.

Folder View StylesUsing a different style can give you different information on the files and folders. The different styles are:

Extra Large IconsAlphabetical order across columns.REALLY BIG icons or thumbnails of images.These are useful when you have a number of similar images with small differences.

Large IconsAlphabetical order across columns.Big icons or thumbnails of images.These are usually big enough to help you pick the right image, but are too large for other kinds of files.

Medium IconsAlphabetical order across columnsMedium icons or thumbnails of images.These are a good size for many kinds of folders and files.

Small IconsAlphabetical order across columns.Small icon for type of file or the program that opens it.

ListAlphabetical orderdownthe column with multiple columns across the pane.You can see many more items with this view.Small icon for type of file or program that opens it

TilesBig icons or thumbnails of images. Alphabetical order across columns.Beside each file icon is information about the file. This is a good view if you do not have the file extensions showing, which is the default.

ContentsMedium icons or thumbnails of images.Alphabetical down a single column.With each icon is information similar to the Details view, but the icons are larger in this view.

DetailsAlphabetical orderdownthe column.Small icon for type of file or program that opens it.The default details for most folders are:NameFile typeDate modifiedSize

Sorting in the Detail ViewNormally the items in the right pane are sorted alphabetically by name, with folders being listed first. You can sort based on the name, the size, the type, or the date modified. These are the column titles in the right pane in Details view. You can just click on a column title to sort. Click again to reverse the sort.

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