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    Travel in India Experience Your Memorable Journey in IndiaPubli le 17 Dcembre 2013

    : In the subcontinent Asia, India is thelargest country with a wide variety of diversified cultureand differentiated geographic climate, language andculture. With the rich amalgamation, the country offersthe tourists a glimpse of more than 22 official languagesand ancient monuments that were present for more thanthousands of years. Although the rich culture and thediversity, India also offers a fabulous tourism facility. Allover the country there are numerous amounts ofmonuments depicting the wide variety of Indian art &culture.

    : Travel within the country can bedone easily with the more than 64,000 Kilometresnetwork of Indian Railways. Travelling in India can be veryeasy and interesting too due to the presence of thevariety of languages in every 10 km.India is a greatcombination of art, culture and religions. Tourists comingto India can enjoy the presence of one of the SevenWonders of the World, The great TAJ MAHAL which is a

    perfect example of craftsmanship. The monument is a whole white marble mausoleum, located in Agra,Uttar Pradesh. The great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan led the foundation of Taj Mahal in the lovingmemory of his third wife MUMTAZ BEGUM. The monument is commonly called the memorial of love. Thetomb is a great sight as it has a brilliant craved design interior like the jail. The graves of Shah Jahan andMumtaz are kept in the Holy monument in the plain crypt. The exteriors also have brilliant shape likestructures including herringbone, plant motifs, etc. The greenery surrounding The Taj Mahal provide agreat peace of mind to the visitors along with the perfect example of ultimate combination of art.

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