Why is Collaboration Software better than E-mail?

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  1. 1. Why is Collaboration Software better than E-mail?Using email is part of our established business culture. Just like the mail, it has been around for years, it is simple and everyone knows how it works. Our email address is the heart of our online presence and this reliance on email means that sometimes we dont get the chance to explore new and developed methods of communication and collaboration, so why use collaboration tools over email?
  2. 2. With email, you have a one-to-many approach and your content is isolated. As soon as you email a document to numerous people who each edit it and forward to others you have lost control of that document and the latest version. With collaboration software there is a many-to-many approach. Documents can be viewed and amended with the latest version always on view, many tools also have full version control so you can see who made the changes and when.
  3. 3. Social Collaboration Using email is largely a formal way of communicating. Cloud Collaboration adds a face to that name and offers different types of communication such as threaded comments, instant messaging and discussions. These functions help your team to build a better relationship with their colleagues with whom they are working with.Time Savings On average it takes 2.5 days* for people to reply to an email. This is an extremely slow way of working. Waiting so long for people to reply to your emails can significantly reduce the efficiency and momentum of your business operations.
  4. 4. Email Attachments Many email providers have a 25mb upload limit. In many of todays businesses, which are taking more advantage of the internet, this simply wont suffice. Its always a hassle to use an external uploading service and it still risks getting lost amongst the rest of the junk. With collaboration tools, you can upload straight into the software in a folder or location that is accessible to whoever you want.Keeping Track Its so easy for your emails to build up to a unmanageable amount. How is anyone supposed to keep on track of the important ones when we are being bombarded by a barrage of irrelevant information. Collaboration tools offer an walled-garden environment where you can communicate with your staff and partners without the clutter of your inbox.
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