what is raising participation age all about?

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What is Raising Participation Age all about?


  • 1. Raising the Participation Age (RPA)briefing Hilary Omissi, OBE, Director, RPP Peter Devereux, Raising Participation Advisor, RPP 11

2. AgendaIntroduction and welcome including introduction to15.30Hilary Omissithe Raising Participation Partnership15.35 RPA Fact and Fiction Hilary Omissi15.50 Where are we now? Where do we have to get to? Peter Devereux16.10 RPA progress to datePeter DevereuxCommunicating the RPA message16.20 Branding and communication plan Peter Devereux How can you support?16.45 Next stepsHilary Omissi22 3. Raising Participation Partnership Shared service Reading, Slough, West Berks andWokingham Responsible for education and training for young people 16 19 those with LDD 16 25 Key priorities: increasing participation tackling NEET work readiness33 4. Raising the Participation Age what is it?Education and Skills Act 2008 (duty); Education Act 2011 (delays enforcement)The duty on a young person is to participate: from September 2013 to the end of academic year in which they are age 17 from 2015 until their 18th birthday* to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to build the skillsand qualifications they need for their future careers4 4 5. RPA .. for a young person Full time education or training Re-engagement provision or Work-based learning e.g.Apprenticeship or Be:(self) employed orvolunteering (incl. caring) oron an internship for more than 20 hours per week over 8 weeks and attend part-time learning equivalent to a day a week or Home education5 5 6. Raising the Participation Age LA duty Education and Skills Act 2008 (duty); The duty on a local authority is to: promote the effective participation in education or training of all 16 and 17 year olds resident in their area Make arrangements to identify young people resident in their area who are not participatingSource: DfE September 2102 workshop update for RPA pilot projects (complements existing duty to secure sufficient suitable education andtraining) 6 6 7. Expectations of employers 20 hours x 8 consecutiveweek Offer accredited training Encourage and facilitate young people to enrol in part-time training - equivalent 1 day per week77 8. Encouragement . (enforcement later) Duties on:Local AuthoritiesPost 16 learning providersSchools independent careers guidance Expectations on:ParentsYoung people to continue in learning; to enrol in training if in workEmployers 88 9. Where are we now? Where do we want to get to?http://www.education.gov.uk/childrenandyoungpeople/youngpeople/participation/a00214942/local-authority-education-training99 10. Progress to date ... RPA Strategy and plan Research with youngpeople Audit Blueprint survey of 16-17year olds DfE pilot project 10 10 11. Progress to date ... Information Support11 11 12. Progress to date ...Briefings withLocal authoritiesSchools and collegesOur partnersRecognition of NEET tool 12 12 13. Progress to date ... Branding RPA strategy and plan13 13 14. RPA campaign January/February Not a one-off Young persons lead Local media focus No additional cost Area-based Task and finish group1414 15. Some challenges! Communicating the right message Knowing our cohort Drop out (esp. at 17) and transition support Independent careers guidance Changes in financial support (EMA) Encouraging employer engagement15 15 16. How can you support ?1616


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