what is ‘health promotion’ ? what is ‘health promotion’ ?


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  • HEALTH PROMOTION The term HEALTH PROMOTION IS : wide-ranging multi-disciplinary philosophical
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  • HEALTH PROMOTION Tannahill (1985) offers a practical model, which brings together 3 service components with overlapping roles and concerns
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  • HEALTH PROMOTION Health Education Preventive Services Health Protection
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  • WHAT HEALTH are we promoting ? HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • WHO definition is actually a political slogan in the Constitution (1946) a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • HEALTH FOR ALL has a more functional and utilitarian approach To attain a level of health that will permit people to lead a socially and economically productive life HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • HEALTH is a resource for everyday living. (WHO) HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • Health Education Preventive Services Health Protection HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • WELL EARLY DISEASE LATE DISEASE DEATH Primary Prevention Secondary Prevention Tertiary Prevention LEVELS OF PREVENTION Prevention is an important component. It has a strong intuitive appeal HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • IMPORTANT REMINDER : Be Evidence-Based Do Research and Evaluation Use Appropriate Technology
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  • HEALTH PROMOTION Guide to Clinical Preventive Services US Preventive Services Task Force Canadian Task Force on Periodic Health Examination MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines 6/2003 Health Screening Comprehensive reviews of the scientific basis for preventive services
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  • Examples Primary prevention is desirable, but limited by knowledge HEALTH PROMOTION Immunization Proper and adequate nutrition Weight control Exercise prescription
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  • identification of disease or defect . Presumptive unrecognized is an important strategy SCREENING HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • (1) Suitable Disease CONDITIONS FOR SUCCESS IN SCREENING : (a) Major public health problem (b) Identifiable pre-clinical phase (c) Early treatment effective HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • (2) Suitable Test CONDITIONS FOR SUCCESS IN SCREENING : (a) Simple to apply and interpret (b) Cheap (cost-effective) (c) Painless and safe (d) Accurate and reproducible (e) Acceptable to people HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • (3) Suitable Organization CONDITIONS FOR SUCCESS IN SCREENING : (a) Call and recall of appropriate subjects (b) Adequate and coordinated follow-up (c) Quality assurance (d) On-going evaluation HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • general population high-risk groups Screening may be directed at : hypertension diabetes mellitus coronary heart disease anaemia nutritional disorders tuberculosis cervix cancer breast cancer Examples : HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • We must go beyond the laboratory, the doctors office and the hospital Health Education Preventive Services Health Protection HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • Knowledge Beliefs Attitude Practice (Behaviour) Health Education is not just the passive transmission of information. (BEWARE OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD) HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • Educational messages must Achievements in tobacco control Successes in smoking cessation Health benefits of non-smoking Examples : EXCITE HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • Educational messages must Non-smokers staying off tobacco Smokers helped to quit Examples : ENCOURAGE HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • Educational messages must How non-smokers can fight temptation Enable smokers to quit the habit Examples : EQUIP HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • Educational messages must Adopt non-smoking as desired way of life Advocate for non- smoking and anti- smoking policies Examples : EMPOWER HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • We need to move away from vertical, disease oriented programmes : CHDCaDM
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  • HEALTH PROMOTION Let us take the risk-factor approach CHD CaDM SmokingDiet Exercise
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  • HEALTH PROMOTION Take the messages to different arenas : General Public Schools Workplace Healthcare facilities Community facilities
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  • We continue to go beyond the laboratory, the doctors office and the hospital Health Education Preventive Services Health Protection HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • HEALTH PROTECTION : regulations and policies that help to create a supportive healthful environment control of environmental hazards restriction of smoking in public quarantine measures Examples : HEALTH PROMOTION
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  • Public Health Laws are necessary : to protect individuals, families and the community to inculcate responsible and healthful behavior and practices
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  • HEALTH PROMOTION In any society, there is a need to balance : Individual Liberty Public Good versus
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  • Public Agencies have a very important role in Health Promotion - political commitment - policy direction - funding and other resources - implementation and enforcement HEALTH PROMOTION
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