What do I do after a car accident?

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>THE LAW OFFICE OF GERALD P GROSSCATASTROPHICINJURIEThe most trusted injury Law office.</p> <p>Practice AreasAuto Accident</p> <p>Based in Cedarhurst, New York, Gerald P. Gross is a respected auto accident attorney who has helped many victims attain the compensation they deserve. Getting involved in an auto accident elicits a lot of emotions, aside from the pain sustained from injuries. Anxiety and confusion that come from having to deal with a looming legal issue can be paralyzing for most people. Many victims are uncertain as to whether or not they have a case that can be presented. It is sometimes complicated to discern whether or not the other party involved is ultimately responsible for the injury you sustained. As your car accident attorney, Gerald P. Gross knows how to find out the answers and bring some clarity back into your life. With his long record of successful cases, Gerald can help his clients get back on their feet and bring some closure to these unpleasant occurrences that come our way throughout our lives.</p> <p>Car wreck injuries can be chronic and even life-altering. As you begin your road to recovery, worries about medical costs should not be plaguing your daily life. You deserve to have a professional auto accident lawyer guide you through the process and win you the money you deserve in order to pay for the expenses you incur as a result of your car wreck injuries. You didnt ask to be involved in this situation.You shouldnt have to go through it confused or alone. Gerald P. Gross is dedicated to helping you find the best solution and fight for you to attain it.</p> <p>Practice AreasCatastrophic Injuries</p> <p>Some injuries have the effect of changing your life forever. Known as catastrophic injuries, these include any injury where severe, life-altering or life-threatening side effects afflict the victim. These are the types of injuries that are met with difficult and costly surgical procedures, ongoing medical care, lengthy hospital visits, and chronic, sometimes lifelong, recovery periods. These injuries are often the cause of much suffering in the life of the victim, as they no longer have the same abilities or control over their lives that they once had. This can affect them not only physically, but emotionally and financially as well. In other words, the quality of life suffers, from the shock as well as from the overwhelming obstacles they must overcome. That is why it is so important that you select Cedarhurst, New York-based catastrophic injuries attorney Gerald P. Gross as your legal representative to guide you through these harrowing times and find some sense of closure to the event that has altered yours or someone you love, life forever.</p> <p>Gerald P. Gross has an extensive history of providing professional legal services as a brain injury lawyer and a spinal cord injury lawyer. When damage has been caused to the central nervous system, there are often severe consequences that affect not only the victim, but the immediate family of that victim as well. Gerald has helped victims of the following catastrophic injuries:</p> <p>Practice AreasMotorcycle Accident</p> <p>The risk that motorcycle enthusiasts take every time they set out on the open road is due to the fact that there isnt much between them and the road in the event of a motorcycle accident. For that reason, it is common for motorcycle accidents to coincide with some very serious injuries. Since it is no secret that motorcycles tend to be dangerous, which often leads to particularly negative stereotypes about the drivers of motorcycles, insurance companies are known for keeping motorcyclists from getting the compensation they merit. This is where motorcycle accident attorney Gerald P. Gross can step in and help you fight for what you deserve.</p> <p>Gerald is an experienced serious injuries lawyer in Cedarhurst, New York who has what it takes to represent you and your best interests following your motorcycle accident. Gerald knows what the risks and hazards are, as well as how the negligence of others can lead to those risks becoming very real and serious threats to riders. Do not take on the insurance company alone when you can have this aggressive motorcycle accident attorney on your side!</p> <p>Practice AreasPersonal Injury</p> <p>Gerald P. Gross is the top personal injury attorney in Cedarhurst, New York. Accidents happen every single day, and their effects can impact individuals and families in devastating ways. The emotional trauma of the incidents linger. Medical bills begin to pile up as injuries necessitate more attention and sometimes a long time before healing. Some accidents do not allow their victims to return to work for prolonged periods of time, which often costs them not only income, but their jobs as well. As the best accident lawyer, Gerald P. Gross knows that accidents can cost victims upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars; sometimes even more.</p> <p>Accidents happen every day in a wide variety of places. They can occur anywhere and anytime. Whether you are involved in a traffic accident or a workplace injury, it is often the result of the negligence of someone else. You deserve to fight for the right amount of compensation to help you surpass all of the financial burdens that are shouldered onto you for something you clearly wanted no part of to begin with.</p> <p>5</p> <p>About Us</p> <p>Gerald P Gross New York City Personal Injury Attorney</p> <p>Choosing a lawyer to represent your car accident or auto accident claim is vital to your ability to collect the proper compensation you deserve. Gerald P Gross and his associates understand the complexities of litigating personal injury cases against major insurance agencies in New York. Mr. Gross will take a look at your case on a detailed level, as well as your situation. Issues such as the type of injuries sustained and diagnosed by your doctor, the kinds of treatments required for rehab, any pre-existing conditions that were exasperated by your accident, the severity of your accident, and how much money you lost be being out of work. Having the best auto accident attorney by your side could mean the difference between a minimal to zero compensation settlement and being awarded maximum financial compensation</p> <p>6</p> <p>Contact UsContact us today for the help you deserve.Address : 366 Pearsall Avenue, #5,Cedarhurst, NY 11516Phone:(516)371-2800</p> <p>Thanks</p> <p>7</p>