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1. Personal Injury Cases in Sacramento Specialized in 916 542 6116 770 'L' Street Suite 950 Sacramento, CA 95814 2. Types of Personal Injury Matters Car accident Workplace injury Wrongful death 3. Car Accident Cases 4. Workplace Injury 5. Wrongful death 6. Types of Injury Claims: road traffic accidents, work-related accidents, public liability accidents, medical negligence, and defective products 7. Public liability accident's Claim 8. An accident on the road, at work, a slip or trip in the street or even when youre on holiday can have a devastating effect on your health, your work, your family and your income. 9. Work-related accidents Claim 10. Claim against medical negligence 11. Injury due to Defective Products & Claim 12. Deal as quickly as possible with your personal injury claim. 13. Get you the best possible compensation for your personal injury or accident claim 14. How your personal injury claim is progressing 15. Explain your personal injury compensation in plain English 16. Always be willing and available to discuss your compensation claim with you 17. Always be friendly and approachable 18. 916 542 6116 770 'L' Street Suite 950 Sacramento, CA 95814