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  1. 1. Experienced Attorney for your Car AccidentDisputes and ClaimsHave you sustained grievous injuries in a car accident that need long term treatment? Do youwant to claim compensation for loss of pay, medical bills and distress caused to your family?Was the driver of the car involved in your accident drunk or uninsured? Is there a disputebetween you and the car driver over whose mistake was it? Our car accident law firm can helpyou overcome all these issues with efficient legal representation immediately after facing anaccident in California.
  2. 2. After getting hurt badly in a car accident, it's necessary to know your compensation rightsand make an attempt to settle the highest possible claim with the assistance of a successfulcar accident attorney. Some of the professionally recommended legal options should be triedsoon after undergoing an injury in a car accident to make your compensation claim strongand fast. By consulting with our experienced car accident attorney, you can surely avoidcommitting any mistakes that the other party or your own personal accident insurancecompany may like to use for minimizing the amount of your claim.When you come to hire the attorney at our car accident law firm in California, we willassure to inform you whether you can pursue any car accident compensation claim and whatwill the right method of making a claim against the insured car driver or the insurancecompany.
  3. 3. Our car accident attorney will work closely with investigating officers and eye witnesses toascertain the real cause of your car accident and what or who was responsible for itincluding irresponsible driving, faulty auto parts and bad weather or road conditions. He iscapable to handle accident cases involving drunk driving, uninsured drivers and hit and rundeaths. No auto or car accident case can remain unresolved when our expert personal injuryattorneys are available to handle it for you in California.To get the claim you need and deserve for your condition, you can ask for the legalrepresentation of our experienced and dedicated lawyers. Our Law firm professionals willpursue every possible legal option to protect your rights, preserve your honour and legallychallenge all those who have hit or run over you in wrongful way.For quick and easy resolution of your car accident dispute of claim, contact our Law Firm atwww.ledgerlaw.com.
  4. 4. The Ledger Law FirmHeadquartersOrange County LocationThe Ledger Law Firm5160 Birch Street Suite 100Newport Beach, CA 92660