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<p>WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS COUNCIL, BSAHIGHLIGHTS 2011 Camping Changes FAQ at right. WMC Partner Camps for Boy Scout Summer Camp on page 6.</p> <p>Be PreparedD E C E M B E R 1 7 , 2 0 1 0 W W W . W M A S C O U T I N G . O R G</p> <p>2011 Changes in Camping Programs FAQFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: What are the changes? We are partnering with other Scouting councils to ensure that our Boy Scouts receive a quality, week-long summer resident camping experience. Boy Scout Resident Camp will not be held at Chesterfield or Moses in 2011. Our other summer programs (Cub Scout Day Camp, Cub Scout Resident Camp, Webelos Weekend, NYLT, Eagle Week, and Venturing Week) will, however, be held locally. Why is WMC making this change? This is a step that strengthens the council overall, and helps lead us into the future. It is in the best interest of our councils youth to take this step now in order to be better prepared and positioned for Scoutings next 100 years. What trends led to this change? In the broad context, many Boy Scout troops have sought variety in their summer camping experiences. More than one third of our Boy Scout troops currently camp out of council or off site. In addition, there is an over abundance of Boy Scout summer camp programs within easy driving distance to WMC. Many of these camps offer excellent Boy Scout resident camp programs like we have in the past here in WMC. The future trend will be for a much smaller number of highquality, well attended, and well funded regional Boy Scout summer camping programs. Why us and why now? We want to be pro-active. The council consolidation two years ago was a big step. This is another key step in continuing to strengthen the council. Becoming a quality operation and a Financially Sustainable Council is a key priority. Despite a strong camp promotion effort and a very worthy program, our Boy Scout summer camping program has been greatly under-utilized, and therefore, greatly underfunded for a number of years. What are the numbers? The per-Scout council subsidy level has been very high for a number of years. In 2010, we had a council subsidy level of more than $100 per camper. Even with additional cost cutting measures and further summer program consolidation efforts, the projected council subsidy level in 2011 would have been over $100 per camper had we not made this change. We cannot sustain this. This would not be fiscally responsible, and it is not fair to the other 80% of our members who do not attend WMC summer camp and to our donors. What other factors led to this change? Both enhanced camping program standards and health/safety standards have increased greatly in recent years. We applaud this. However, when combined with the increase in associated costs including staffing and other items, as well as other increases, it is no longer feasible for WMC to offer a Boy Scout summer resident camp. In addition, the stressed economy and reductions in some funding sources are a contributing factor in mitigating WMCs ability to withstand more years of large subsidies and losses at camp. Therefore, we must collaborate with other visionary, pro-active, like-minded councils to provide this service to our Boy Scout troops. Does this fit into the National BSA Strategic Plan? The new National strategic plan includes the following objectives regarding sharing of services with other councils: Provide specialized shared-service models for use across council boundaries (e.g., special events, camping, activities, and production within a defined area) and The National Council has piloted and delivered a useful model for exploiting economies of scale and/ or the use of shared services to reduce individual council expenses. In addition, our own WMC strategic plan calls for action to Consider financial implications, council subsidy level, and stewardship of resources regarding camping properties on a regular basis as recommended by our National consultant, Mike Watkins. Research possible scenarios as and when appropriate. There has also been serious talk at all levels for nearly twenty years about using this shared-services model. Regardless, the over-reaching goal is to provide the best possible summer camp program for as many youth as possible. CONTINUED ON PAGE 7</p> <p>INSIDE THIS ISSUE:Recognition Dinner WMC Program Events Training Courses 2011 Summer Camping WMC Partner Camps! Stay Updated On Scouting</p> <p>2 3 4 5 6 8</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>2</p> <p>Last Call: 2-3-4 GROWTH PLAN FOR UNITS!For Packs, Troops, &amp; Crews Concept: To encourage units to grow their membership over the previous year and reward their success. Pack Reward: Pinewood Derby kits for boys registered as of January 1, 2011. Troop and Crew Reward: WMC camp weekend cabin rental (depending on cabin availability; does not include Training Lodge). Evaluation: Units will be evaluated by the district leadership on December 31, 2010. To Qualify: Units will achieve the following. 2. Host at least one spring recruitment event &amp; net +2 members over last June by 6/30/10. Also see Requirement 4 below. Participate in the 3 fall recruitment events including a School Night rally, a Sizzle Bring Scouting to the People event, and a Give em Another Chance to Join event. See page 1 for details. By 12/31/10, show a net gain of +3 members over last December, or +4 youth if you did not qualify on Requirement 2. 3.</p> <p>234 is Western Mass. Councils official BSA council number.</p> <p>4.</p> <p>Contact your District Executive for official registration numbers and a progress update. Be a winner. Good luck!</p> <p>WMC Recognition Dinner on Feb. 5thIn Recognition of great Scouting Volunteers!Western Mass. Councils 3rd Annual Recognition Dinner will be held on Saturday, February 5th, at the Delaney House, 3 Country Club Rd. (off Rt. 5) in Holyoke, MA. Program highlights will include the recognition of the 2011 Class of Silver Beaver Award recipients, District Awards of Merit, along with other Scouting awards. There will be a 5:00-6:00 PM Social Hour with hors doeuvres, followed by dinner and program from 6:00-8:30 PM. Dinner will include Tomato &amp; Mozzarella Cocktail, Combo plate of Bistro style Chicken &amp; London broil with Mushroom Bordelaise sauce, and Bananas Foster. A vegetarian option is also available. This is an Adult affair. Reservations are available at the following levels: $35 per person $275 for Table of 8 $340 for Table of 10 Please contact the Chicopee or Pittsfield service center, or find the reservation form on the council website www.wmascouting.org. Please join us in recognizing our worthy Scouting volunteers!</p> <p>Scoutings Journey To ExcellenceComing in 2011: JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCE AWARD Scoutings Journey to Excellence is the BSAs new council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, districts, and councils. It is replacing the Centennial Quality Awards Program as a means of encouraging excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA. Requirements for Packs, Troops, Crews, Districts, and Councils are available online:BE PREPARED</p> <p>http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/ Awards/JourneyToExcellence.aspx. Also there are webinars, power points, and additional information. Make the Journey to Excellence commitment now at recharter time. PS: Dont forget to submit your units Centennial Quality Unit form before December 31st to qualify for the 2010 recognition!</p> <p>DECEMBER</p> <p>17,</p> <p>2010</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>3</p> <p>Boston Museum of Science Camp-In Almost Full!ATTENTION CUB SCOUT PACKS :</p> <p>ONLY 30 SLOTS LEFT!This is one of the most talked about events of the year! Happening on Sunday, January 16th - Monday, January 17th (Martin Lu-</p> <p>ther King, Jr. Day) at the Boston Museum of Science, this fun -filled experience is for registered Cub Scouts &amp; Webelos, parents, &amp; adult leaders. This special program is designed to inspire cubs to discover science in fun and educational ways. Please note that Western Mass. Council has been allocated only 500 spots for this great activity, so the time to register is now! Full payment of $60 per participant is required to guarantee your spot,</p> <p>including cubs, leaders, &amp; parents. For registration procedures and additional information, please visit the Western Mass. Council website at www.wmascouting.org. A Survival Manual for this overnight program will also be provided to you. For additional information on the museum and its exhibits, facilities, &amp; location, you can visit its website at www.mos.org. Thanks, and have lots of fun!</p> <p>A Gathering of the TribesWHO? Bears and 1st year Webelos (3rd and 4th graders) and parents. Den Chiefs are also welcome to attend.</p> <p>WHAT? Webelos Woods is an adventure designed to introduce Webelos Scouts and their parents to the action-packed Scouting adventures ahead, and help them make the transition into Boy Scouts even more exciting. WHEN? The weekend of June 3 - 5, 2011 (The weekend after Memorial Day).</p> <p>WHERE? Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation MORE INFORMATION? Additional details will be published in future issues of Be Prepared and will be available on our council website. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THIS ADVENTURE NOW!!!!!</p> <p>Merit Badge University Filling Up Fast for Spring 2011!The Kappa Omicron Chapter of ALPHA PHI OMEGAis sponsoring the 19th annual Merit Badge University in cooperation with Western Mass. Council on Saturday, March 5th &amp; Saturday, April 2nd, at UMass Amherst.</p> <p>many session are already closed. More than 375 Boy Scouts have registered!Check-in time will be at 8:30 AM. Morning classes will run from 9:3011:30 AM and Afternoon classes will go from 12:30-2:30 PM. Please note: There is online registration only (no mail in or</p> <p>MBU is filling up fast, and</p> <p>phone registrations). Visit the WMC website today &amp; register for your sessions now!</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>4</p> <p>Training Courses for New VolunteersTrained leaders deliver better programs. Boys stay in Scouting longer when their leaders are trained. The longer boys stay in Scouting, the more they get out of Scouting! to our councils website, www.wmascouting.org, click on Training on the left-hand menu bar, and follow the link to start your online training adventure! This is Scouting has replaced New Leader Essentials, and also is available at the BSAs Online Learning Center. This session is for all new volunteer leaders. Youth Protection Training is required for all leaders within Scouting. At all times, youth safety is our number one priority. Take this session now at the Online Learning Center. Leader Position Specific Training is based on the volunteer leaders Scouting position. Separate courses for Cub Scout , Boy Scout, &amp; Venturer leaders are offered locally throughout the year, and now these sessions are available online as well! Get trained to provide great Scouting now!</p> <p>Get updated training info at WMCs website www.wmascouting.org.</p> <p>Fast Start Training is the first step, and is presented in separate formats for Cub Scout leaders, Boy Scout Leaders, and Venturer leaders. These sessions are available online at the BSAs Online Learning Center. You can go</p> <p>SPECIAL TRAINING COURSES!Every boy deserves a trained leader, and every leader deserves to be trained.The Trainers EDGE: on Saturday, January 8, 8 AM 4 PM, at Herman Hall, Western New England College, in Springfield. This is a how-to course for those who want to join our councils training staff and is required for those who will be on Wood Badge faculty. You can register electronically through our council web site or submit a paper registration to the Chicopee or Pittsfield Service Centers. Venturing Leader Specific Training: on Saturday, January 15, 9 AM 4 PM, at the Church of Atonement in downtown Westfield. Learn how to advise, not lead, your teen-age Venturers to exciting outdoor adventure, personal growth, and leadership skills development. Cost is $12 per person, or, if your Crew is sending three or more adults, $10 per person. Submit your registrations to the Chicopee or Pittsfield Service Centers. Boy Scout leader training sessions: will be available at Merit Badge University. You dont have to read the paper in a drafty corridor. Spend your time wisely, get training. Youth Protection Training, Troop Committee Challenge, Scoutmaster Specific, Scout to Eagle, First Aid &amp; CPR are all planned. Watch for registration materials available soon.</p> <p>MORE SCOUTER TRAINING OPPORTUNITIESTraining helps you provide great program!Philmont Training Center: 2011 summer conferences are now open for registration. Spend an exciting week at Philmont and enjoy a respite from New Englands heat and humidity. Its hot and dry down there! Course descriptions and schedules are availBE PREPARED</p> <p>able at both council service centers. Go to www.philmonttrainingcenter.o rg for details on what to expect from your Philmont training experience. Wood Badge: Two 3-day weekends of challenging, teambuilding and leadership coursework and practical experience are only the beginning. Then</p> <p>complete the training over the next 18 months through your practical application of the skills you developed during the classroom periods. Trained counselors support you through the process. Scheduled training dates at Camp Chesterfield are September 911, 2011 and October 8-10, 2011. Registration information coming soon!</p> <p>DECEMBER</p> <p>17,</p> <p>2010</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>5</p> <p>WESTERN MASS. COUNCIL CAMP PROMO NIGHTS!FOR BOY SCOUT TROOPS &amp; VENTURE CREWS:On Monday, January 24th, 7:00 PM at Union Station Restaurant, 125A Pleasant St. in Northampton, MA. Refreshments will be provided. Register by emailing Gail at gwojtkow@bsamail.org. Come to get information on Boy Scout Resident Camp from our WMC Partner Camps, as well as details on our local NYLT, Eagle Week, and Venturing Week sessions! at gwojtkow@bsamail.org. Come to get information on our local Cub Scout Resident Camp and Cub Scout Day Camp sessions! See you there in January!</p> <p>FOR CUB SCOUT PACKS:On Tuesday, January 25th, 7:00 PM at Union Station Restaurant, 125A Pleasant St. in Northampton, MA. Refreshments will be provided. Register by emailing Gail</p> <p>2011 Cub Scout Day Camp Schedule!Four weeks of Western Mass. Councils Leon J. Carman Cub Scout Day Camp are being planned now for the summer of 2011. Sites are being finalized, and programs &amp; themes are being previewed and tested. More details will be announced as they are available, but for Pack and Den planning purposes, the schedule is as follows: July11-15: supported by Laurie McDonald &amp; volunteers from Post Road &amp; Metacomet Districts, at Swift River Sportsmans Club. July 18-22: supported by Sherri Harrison &amp; volunteers from Springfield/Chicopee District, at Chicopee Moose Family Center. July 25-29: supported by Elizabeth Kuzmech &amp; volunteers from Appalachian Trail District, at St. Marks School in Pittsfield. August 1-5: supported by John &amp; Vicki Kornacki &amp; volunteers from Knox Trail District, location TBA. You may attend any and all Cub Day Camp sessions that you ar...</p>