we’re tough. we’re strong. we can endure anything

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Were tough. Were strong. We can endure anything. . . Tasks. To learn about some requirements for an excellent composition To know how to write a good open-ending part To know how to write a good essay. :. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Were tough. Were strong. We can endure anything.

  • TasksTo learn about some requirements for an excellent compositionTo know how to write a good open-ending partTo know how to write a good essay

  • :

  • Main points of a beautiful composition:1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  • Steps of writing a composition:1 2 6-10 3 4

  • How to write good sentences1. She doesnt like sports. She cares nothing for sports.When he heard she died, he went pale with sorrow.At the news of her death, he went pale with sorrow.She cant pronounce the word correctly.She has difficulty in pronouncing the word.

  • 2. People suggest that the conference be put off. It is suggested that the conference be put off. She walked out of the room and many students followed her.Followed by many students, she walked out of the room To his surprise, the little girl knew so many things. What surprised him was that the little girl knew so many things.

  • The couple was so curious about wild plants that they decided to travel to the forest.So curious was the couple about wild plants that they decided to travel to the forest.Regular radio broadcasts began in 1920.It was not until in 1920 that regular radio broadcasts began. Many lives were saved because there were the efforts of firefighters.But for the efforts of firefighters, many lives would not have been saved.

  • How to use linking words and, as well as, together with, not onlybut also... but, however, in spite of, although, otherwise, while on the contrary, instead of, on one handon the other hand... so, therefore, as a result (of), because, owing to, due to, thanks to.

  • first, second , then, next, finally, for one thing ... for another, in the end, besides, whats more, in addition, worse still, above all such as, for example, for instance, in other words, and so on in short, in brief, in a word, in general, on the whole, in conclusionHow to use linking words

  • What is an open-ending

    To make comments To give suggestions To continue a story

  • Open-endingYet problems have appeared as well. Water and air have been polluted. Too much energy has been wasted. Traffic Jams often happen during the rush hours.

    Facing the problem, our city government has decided to take some measures according to the 11th Five-Year Plan. Some factories which cause serious pollution will be closed. More trees and flowers will be planted and more roads will be built or widened.

  • How to write open-endings

    1. 2. 3. , 4. 50

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  • An example,

  • 61% turning to friends and schoolmatesThe majority of the students surveyed select their friends or schoolmates as their ideal listeners when they have troubles and want to get away from them.

  • 22% going to teachers and parentsAnother 22% choose their teachers and parents to talk to.,

  • 17% keeping to themselvesThere are 17% who dont share their troubles at all. They either think that their troubles are none of others business or find it hard to communicate with others.

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  • A sample From my point of view, students should share their troubles with their friends and schoolmates since they are of the same age and can understand each other well. Besides, they can also benefit from turning to their teachers and parents who should care for teenagers and help them in their life and studies. However, if one shuts himself away from others, he will find he has more and more troubles.

  • PracticeHappiness1 2 3 4150

    Students Possessions Benefits Some Money Buying and doing anythingSome Health Enjoyment Some Wealth from parents Free from work

  • How to express your ideas or make your comments:I agree/disagree thatI think/dont think its proper toIn my opinion, From my point of view, So far as Im concerned,

  • HappinessHappiness means different things to different people. For example, some students believe that if they have a lot of money or large possessions, they will be happy. They believe that they will be able to do anything they want to if they have much money. Some students think that they should be in good health, and do whatever they like. Many students wish to have much wealth from their parents. In this way, they dont have to work hard, and they can own everything.

  • A sampleI dont quite agree with the above points. I dont think money means happiness. We cant buy everything with money, such as health, love and knowledge. I value knowledge, which makes me happy, for I can make great contributions to our society with knowledge. Although different people value happiness differently, my wealth of happiness is in my study.

  • Homework