welcome to the unit! school life chang jun middle school

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  • Welcome to the Unit!School LifeChang Jun Middle School

  • What is high school like in America?

  • GameTwo teams1 point for a similarity2 points for a differenceTeam with the most points wins

  • Schools in Other Countries

  • True or False?I will say a sentenceRaise your hand for true or false

  • German students sit at desks.

  • GermanyTables, not desks

  • In England and Australia, most students wear a uniform.

  • Uniforms in England and Australia

  • In America, most students have self-study

  • Classes

  • In America, all students study Spanish.

  • Most popular foreign languagesSpanish FrenchItalianGerman

  • American students can choose every class they take.

  • American Core CurriculumEnglishScience- physics, biology, chemistryMath- Algebra, geometry, trigonometry Social Sciences- world history, US history, government, economicsPhysical EducationForeign Language

  • ElectivesWhat are some electives?

  • Schedule

  • Chinese and American students start and end school at the same time.

  • All Americans drive to school in a car

  • What is your dream school?Groups of 4 studentsMake your dream schoolExplain:Where is the school? Who are the teachers? What do you learn? When do you have school?Anything else different from your school?Anything the same as your school?

  • VocabularyMandatoryElectiveScheduleSemesterExtracurricularGPA


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