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Welcome toChurch of the Ascension

The Ascension ProjectChurch of the Ascension

Jay Phillips Center for Jewish-Christian LearningJewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest

University of Saint Thomas

February 13 & 14, 2003

Ascension Highlights Ascension Parish was

established in 1890 This area was then the

northern-most edge of the city of Minneapolis

At its peak, the parish had 1,500 families and 1,200 students

Today Ascension is one of the most ethnically diverse parishes in the Upper Midwest.

Where is Ascension?

Around Ascension

Ascensions Original Church

Original church was a wooden structure

The church and the land cost $19,000

The building was later used as the first Ascension Club building

Ascensions First Pastor1890-1894

Ascensions first Pastor was Fr. Alexander Christie

Archbishop Ireland declared, You have built a cathedral in the wilderness!

He later became the fourth Archbishop of Portland, Oregon

Ascensions Second Pastor1894-1924

Ascensions second Pastor was Fr. Jeremiah Harrington

He was the first of three 30 year pastors at Ascension

Harringtons era was a time of building and construction

Photos from the Harrington Era

Ascensions Third Pastor1924-1955

Ascensions third Pastor was Rev. John Dunphy from St Thomas

Believed in faith, education, & athletics

Led parish during Ascensions peak

Was known asThe King

Athletics at Ascension

The Ascension Block

The Ascension Block

The Ascension Club

The Old Neighborhood

Ascensions Fourth Pastor1956-1985

Ascensions fourth Pastor, Rev. P. William Coates, was assigned in 1940

Served as a Chaplain in WWII and Korea

Saw neighborhood change, parishioners move, 1960s unrest, and building of I-94

Sports and Activities

Song and Dance Man

The Sixties

The 1960s brought change to North Mpls an to Ascension

Houses were bought to make room for I-94

Families moved away to the suburbs

Plymouth Ave rioting, burning, and looting

Ascensions Fifth and Sixth Pastors

Rev. Bob Hazel1993-1999

Rev. Ray Monsour1981-1993

Ascension Today

Rev. Michael OConnell assigned to Ascension in 1999

He is also Rector at the Basilica of Saint Mary

His Jeremiah vision seeks the well-being of the city and offers a future full of hope

Ascension School

Center of Success in North Minneapolis

95% are not Catholic, 90% are not white, and most are from are lower-income or single-parent home

Exceptional 8th grade standardized test scores

Ascension ParishParishioners of Hispanic, African-American, and African immigrant backgrounds along with many long time members of European descent

The Neighborhood Today

West Broadway was a vital shopping area for decades Most north side residents are low- income people of

color with young children One of the few areas in the metro area with no

economic revitalization

Why is this Important?

We need to experience, and ultimately improve, the forgotten areas of our city

Learning doesnt happen only in a

classroom, andisnt just for learnings sake

We all have the power to make a difference for others

Ascension Contact Info

Church of the Ascension1723 Bryant Ave NMinneapolis, MN 55411

ph 612.529.9684fax 612-529.7618

Melissa Streitmelissa@ascensionmpls.org


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