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    The History of the tradition

    Marriage has been a long standing tradition for hundreds of years, but it's not always been as we know it

    today. In more barbaric times of the past, the groom would "steal" the bride and pay the father a ransom.

    Thankfully that's no longer the case.

    many of today's wedding traditions can be traced back to ancient customs. these were often due to

    superstition and religion, for instance, the bouquet was originally made of strong herbs to frighten away evil

    spirits. Nowadays these traditions are more of a fun custom to keep up, who knows, they might even work!

    12 + months

    9 months

    6 months

    4 months

    2 months

    The Month

    The Big Week!

    1. Start a wedding folder

    2. Work out your budget

    3. Pick your wedding party4. Start the guest list

    6. Reserve the venue5. Engagement party!

    8. Hire the photograper

    9. Book the entertainment

    7. Hire the caterers

    10. Shop for your dress

    11. Choose the invitations

    12. Plan the honeymoon

    14. Book the rehearsal dinner

    13. Order the cake

    15. Choose the music

    17. Finalise the order of events

    16. Purchase the rings

    18. Stock the bar

    19. Bachelor/ette party

    20. Final guest list for caterers

    21. Pack for your honeymoon

    Not the best part of planning a

    wedding, but one of the most important

    - give this the attention it deserves!

    Write everyone you and your partner can think of,

    then decide you who really want to come. Although

    brutal, the best way to cut costs is to reduce this list.

    a sumptuous bit of work to get done. try

    sample menus from a few different caterers

    and pick whoever tingles your taste buds.

    Fun fact: a honeymoon is called so because the couple used to drink mead

    (honey/alcohol mix) for a moon cycle

    you'll need at least three fittings. make sure you

    look around. wedding fairs are great for this.

    this may seem early but some bakers require a long

    lead time! As with the caterers, make sure you

    attend several tastings first (partly for free cake)

    You should know definite numbers now, so you can

    stock the bar accordingly. always order more than

    you think you will need, running out isn't fun!

    This will be your last week as an unmarried person.

    99% of the planning headache should be out the way

    so just enjoy this time and pack for your honeymoon!

    You are now all ready for your big day

    from the Roco Team.