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  • Tips to Find the Right Wedding Planner

  • Consider their background and education.

    For example, if you are looking for lots of creative input, for example, you may want to hire a wedding planner that has a background in a creative field - such as art or graphic design.

  • Consider their experience.

    How many years are they in business? A reputable planner will be open to prove their reliability and experience. For example, they will be able to give you references from past clients so that you can speak with them directly.

  • Consider their training

    What training does he/she have prior to becoming a wedding planner? For example, does he/she come from a related field, such as event planning? This will give you more insight into the type of planner they are and what drove them to do this professionally in the first place.

  • Consider their communication,organizational skills and professionalism

    From the time that you've started communicating with them, has he/she proven to be professional and reliable? A professional wedding planner and one with whom you will be communicating on a daily basis, should answer emails promptly.

  • Consider his/her personality.

    Your wedding planner should be courteous and accommodating to your busy schedules; they should be flexible and adaptable; honest and realistic about your wedding vision and if they can make it happen on your budget, to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

  • Consider the fee structure

    Your wedding planner should be upfront about how they calculate their fees and should make you aware of any additional costs that may come up later on. For example, if they charge a flat fee, ask if this is all-inclusive and if they will manage everything related to your destination wedding.

  • Consider the work philosophy.

    Does he/she work alone or as a team? There is no right or wrong answer - this is very personal and each couple knows what they prefer! But if the wedding planner works alone, ensure that they have a back-up plan in case of an emergency - you don't want to end up overseeing the wedding day yourself because the wedding planner has fallen sick.

  • Consider how your vision has been interpreted.

    You and your fianc are unique, and so is your wedding vision! A professional wedding planner should be able to understand your vision and input and use it to create an even better version of your dream wedding.

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