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  • 1. A Heavenly VenueThe beauty of the Saint James Chapel offers a heavenly radiance with its gem-like windows, angels, saints, and analtar that is a sacramental image of the banquet table of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. Here our hearts aredrawn deeply into the nuptial mystery of the One who perfects espousal unionHis own body married to HisbrideThe Church. Your loving response to God in the sacrament of Christian marriage nds a beautifulbeginning at Saint James Chapel.The windows of the chapel have been called the crown jewels of Chicagos art treasures and are similar to thefamous stained glass windows at Sainte Chapelle in Paris, France. Their many colors soar over your guests asthey contemplate the rest of the chapels early French Gothic style. Dedicated on the seventy-fth anniversary ofthe Archdiocese of Chicago on June 10, 1920, Saint James Chapel was designed by Zachary Taylor Davis and thearchitecture rm of Gustav Steinbeck of New York. The stained glass was installed by the John J. KinsellaCompany of Chicago. The chapel has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1996. TheAmerican Institute of Architects Guide to Chicago has termed the stained glass of the Quigley Chapel "dazzling."Located at the corner of Rush and Pearson streets in downtown Chicago, the Saint James Chapel is only stepsaway from the Magnicent Mile with its many restaurants, hotels, and sights. The Chapel seats 299 people, iswheelchair accessible, and climate controlled. Assisted hearing devices are available. Parking is available atcommercial parking decks adjacent to the Archbishop Quigley Center, the Archdiocese of Chicago ofce buildingwhere the Saint James Chapel is located.

2. Important Contact InformationWedding CoordinationOur wedding coordination staff is ready to help you prepare yourwedding at Saint James Chapel. Meetings with the wedding liturgycoordinator are by appointment. The Saint James Chapel differs fromyour parish in some important ways that you will learn in aconsultation. Most importantly, you will be encouraged to maintain orestablish a relationship with your parish priest in preparation for yourmarriage. Contact 312-534-8199 to check on dates and arrange for aconsultation.At our rst meeting, we will review the marriage preparation Carol Leitch Miller Marcela Bermudezrequirements of the Archdiocese, discuss the Chapel wedding Wedding Liturgy Intake and Chapelguidelines, indicate the name of the priest or deacon who will CoordinationSchedulingcelebrate your wedding and arrange for music consultation for theChapel. Music Direction:Holy Name Cathedral Music Department, Address of Saint James Chapel:Archbishop Quigley Pastoral Center, 835 North Rush, Chicago 60611 3. Legal Matters and Fees Step 3: Seek the Sacrament ofone day prior to the wedding. For Reconciliation (confession) before information on obtaining a marriage the wedding day. This is anlicense, including locations and important aspect of preparing for thehours, go to Sacrament of Marriage for Catholic or contact Cook County Clerks brides and grooms. Consult the Ofce at (312)603-7790. bulletin or website at your parish for Ask your priest to bring your times for confessions or ask yourmarriage le and the Cook County priest to set up a time that isMarriage License with you the night convenient for you.of the rehearsal.In some cases other documents may Step 4: Your priest will need to be required. The consulting priest or submit a complete marriage le nodeacon will advise and assist in this later than one month prior to your regard. In order for a priest or deacon wedding: A baptismal certicateto celebrate your wedding who is dated within six months of the from outside the Archdiocese of wedding is to be submitted by each Chicago, a letter of endorsement is Catholic person. In an interfaithrequired from his local bishop. This marriage, a baptized non-Catholic is letter should be sent to: asked to present a record of Baptism, Rev. Jeremiah BolandStep 1: Attend a marriage if that is possible. A recently issuedArchbishops Delegate forpreparation program sponsored by Conrmation Certicate is requested, Externs and International Prieststhe Archdiocese of Chicago. Thereare a variety of classes to fit your but not required.Archdiocese of Chicagoindividual circumstances. Programs A pre-marital questionnaire for bothPost Office Box 1979include One in Christ, PreCana,the bride and the groom will be Chicago, Illinois 60690-1979Special PreCana, Marrying with completed by the consulting priest orStepchildren PreCana, PreCana in deacon. Two afdavits afrmingFee Structure for WeddingsSpanish, Discovery, and the online each persons freedom to marry may at Saint James ChapelPreCana, be required in some cases. Thewww.catholicmarriageprepclass.comconsulting priest or deacon will $2000 - Chapel fee, to be paid when. You can register for any of these at advise.reserving the chapel. Checks or bybe made out to the Archbishop of A certificate from your marriage Chicago.calling 312.534.8340.preparation class is required, as well as proof of completion of the If you are taking FOCCUS and OneStep 2: Take a premarital inventory. premarital inventory, which is a copy in Christ, the fees are payable at theThere are two acceptable inventories of the results from the Catholic first meeting of the seminar asto choose from, the Catholic CoupleCouple Checkup or a letter for directed by the location. OtherCheckup or FOCCUS (FacilitatingFOCCUS.PreCana program fees can be paidOpenCouple Communication, online at Finally, a marriage license from or at the door.Understanding and Study). Both Cook County, IL is required and is toonline inventories help couples learnbe presented to the priest or deaconMusic Fee for Organist,more about themselves and theirat the time of the rehearsal. Cantor and Consultationunique relationship. Check with your Currently, a Cook County license ispriest or deacon to see which one he valid for sixty days from the date if $550 - Please make payable to Holywants you to take. issue and must be obtained at least Name Music Department at the timeof the chapel reservation. 4. Liturgical PreparationSelections for Marriage Marian Devotion Photography During MassThe beautiful Catholic tradition of You may make arrangements forYour participation in the preparation the brides offering prayers andphotographs with a photographer andof the wedding liturgy together withowers to the Blessed Virgin Mary videographer of your choice.your priest or deacon will draw you after the wedding vows or after Photographs conclude no more thanmore deeply into the contemplativecommunion is welcomed and 20 minutes after the Mass.dimension of worship, which encouraged. Your orist can furnish Priority in the loft is given only toincludes the sense of awe, reverencea single ower or a small bouquet for the musicians as they are part of theand adoration which are fundamental the ceremony. liturgy. Aisles must remain open forattitudes in our relationship withliturgical movement. PhotographsGod. Your priest or deacon will Flowersare allowed (usually without ashassist you in selecting readings, Flowers are a beautiful adornment and outside of the sanctuarybelowprayers, and blessings, and other when carried by the bride and brides the step) during the liturgy includingchoices for your liturgy. A helpful maids, and worn by the groom, the procession, the readings,guide and selection form is available groomsmen,parents, andexchange of vows, blessing of rings,at grandparents. kiss of peace, and communion.Music for Your WeddingIf you wish to have oral Please refrain from takingarrangements for the chapel, kindly photographs during the consecration,The music for your wedding is an ask your orist to limit them to eitherthe most sacred part of the Mass.important part of making the side of the tabernacle.sacramental celebration of yourAfter the Weddingmarriage a beautiful, prayerful and Flowers or decorations should not bePlease refrain from throwing itemsjoyful event. The Music Ministry placed in the aisles or on the pews or such as confetti, rice, birdseed, roseDepartment of Holy Name Cathedral attachedto railings.Flowerpetals and other objects. Also, pleasewill guide you in planning your arrangements and candle stands mayrefrain from releasing balloons,music and will provide all the vocal not obstruct the liturgical movementsdoves, or butteries. Bubbles or bellsand instrumental musicians who will of the ceremony. Flowers can neverare allowed. No alcoholic beverages,be engaged at the wedding. An be placed on the altar itself.including champagne, are to beorganist and cantor are included with Please refrain from dropping petals brought into the Archbishop Quigleythe Chapel fee and will be arranged inside of the chapel during the Center.through Holy Name Music processional or outside after theMinistries. Additional musicians can requested for an additional fee. 5. For the Priest or Deacon Liturgical Suppliespremarital inventory, either therecord of Baptism, if that is possible.The Saint James Chapels sacristy Catholic Couple Checkup (availableA recently issued Conrmationcollection holds chalices, patents, at or Certicate is requested, but notaltar linens, hosts, communion wine,FOCCUS. Both can be discussed required.vestments, and a Ritual. Kneelers are with a coach.available for the wedding couple, Two afdavits afrming eachbest man and maid of honor. Sacrament of Reconciliationpersons freedom to marry may beBoth the bride and groom (if required in some cases. This may beSupport from Chapel Staff Catholic) should plan a time with determined after completion of theyour priest before the wedding day premarital inventoryandThe wedding coordinator, Carolfor confession and penance. consultation with you or an assi