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  1. 1. Wedding Favors - Etiquette to Remember If you are currently planning a wedding then you undoubtedly have encountered the unwritten but well know "wedding etiquette creed": like "thou shalt not have a formalLa Sposa Libra before 4pm". Admittedly, there are many rules of etiquette that are simply ignored. For example many brides choose to go against the common rule of abstaining from wearing a white gown at your second wedding. Surprisingly there are even rules that should be applied to giving wedding favors. Many of these rules may not be as rigid as others, but have been accepted as common place at most weddings. The wedding favor etiquette addresses whether party souvenirs are necessary, whether keepsakes or other mementos should be given to children and how much should be budgeted for favors.
  2. 2. Although you are not obligated to give wedding reception or ceremony favors, most of your guests have come to expect them. The reason behindLa Sposa Liburgo gifts is to simply provide a couple with a way to thank their guest for their love and unconditional support. They have become common place and are given at the majority of today's weddings or receptions. If you are including children in your matrimony celebration then it is also proper etiquette to give them a goodie as well. Many couples choose to give children the same favors as the adults. This can only work if the favor is age appropriate. If not, try to find a fun and practical favor to give. Candy is an easy and cost effective gift to give the children attending your wedding reception.
  3. 3. The number one reason couples hesitate when choosing party gifts is because they are concerned about the cost. This is an extremely valid concern when you add up all of the other expenses. Fortunately, if your budget is tight there are many ways to get quality discount favors and you can even makeLa Sposa Licena them yourself!