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Exquisite Bride

Our Designers

Wedding Dress Designers

At Exquisite Bride, we specialize in providing wedding dresses in New Jersey. Our team of bridal consultants will be able to help you find the perfect wedding dress for your big day.

We have wedding dresses from the top designers in the industry, representing a wide range of looks that are of the highest quality and construction.

Our Wedding Dress Designers

We currently have wedding dresses from eighteen different designers, five of which are exclusive to our two New Jersey Locations in Millburn and Princeton.

We will show now show you which designers we have wedding dresses for.

One of our five exclusive designers, the unique flower designs make these dresses stand out.

More information on Isabelle Armstrong wedding dresses.

Isabelle Armstrong

Peter Langner is an Italian designer who makes light dresses that are perfect for the fashionable bride.

More information on Peter Langner wedding dresses.

Peter Langner

Dresses by Lea Ann Belter define sophistication with her gowns.

More information on Lea Ann Belter wedding dresses.

Lea ann belter

Another of our exclusive New Jersey designers, all of her dresses are artistic that are created perfectly with the most time and care possible.

More information on Yumi Katsura wedding dresses.

Yumi Katsura

Alvina Velenta dresses are know for their great attention to detail.

More information on Alvina Valenta wedding dresses.

Alvina valenta

This diffusion bridal line is young in spirit and inspired by glamorous fashion icons

More information on Legends by Romona Keveza.

Legends by Romona keveza

Dresses by Alyne accentuate the female form perfectly with its lovely shapes in each dress.

More information Alyne wedding dresses.


Another one of our exclusive designers, Victor Harper has bridal gowns in an assortment of exclusive fabrics.

More information on Victor Harper wedding dresses.

Victor harper

Jim Hjelm is known for making wedding dresses that have extraordinary detail that make the dresses enjoyable to wear.

More information on Jim Hjelm wedding dresses.

Jim Hjelm

Wedding dresses by Rivini have ushered in a new era of simple luxury.

More information on Rivini wedding dresses.


Romona Keveza is a New York based designer who is known for her innovation in Coture Bridal wear.

More information on Romona Keveza wedding dresses.

Romona keveza

Eve of Milady creates the perfect waist dress that seems to fit any royal wedding.

More information on Eve of Milady wedding dresses.

Eve of milady

The Douglas Hannant line is the last of our exclusive designers for our salons.

More information on Douglas Hannant wedding dresses.

Douglas hannant

The Lazaro collection is a highly sought after bridal name in the world.

More information on Lazaro wedding dresses.


Amalia Carraras designs have a unique style that is truly a work of art..

More information on Amalia Carrara wedding dresses.

Amalia carrara

Wedding dresses by Tara Keely represent the industrys hottest styles and the most enchanting details you will see on a bridal gown.

More information on Tara Keely wedding dresses.

Tara keely

Judd Waddells dresses focus on the shape and the detailing of his designer wedding dresses.

More information on Judd Waddell wedding dresses.

Judd Waddell

These designer wedding dresses have a blend of soft and vintage romance with a twist of cool and carefree styling.

More information on Ti Adora wedding dresses.

Ti adora

Exquisite bride

Now that you have seen all of the different wedding designs that we offer, you can now make Exquisite Bride your destination if you want the best wedding dresses.

Make sure you contact us for more information and see where you can find our two New Jersey locations. Drop us a visit and we will have our experienced bridal consultants help you pick out the dress for your big day!