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1. Copyright 2014 Kinaxis All Rights Reserved. 2. 2Copyright 2014 Kinaxis All Rights Reserved.Where did this all start? Trevor Miles Kinaxis 3. 3Copyright 2014 Kinaxis All Rights Reserved.Christoph Glatzel, Stefan Helmcke, and Joshua Wine, Building a flexible supply chain for uncertain times, McKinsey Quarterly, March 2009The Bull-Whip Effect from J Forrester's Industrial Dynamics (1961)Central message:End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration greatly reduces the speed and increases the accuracy of decisionsCurrent state of Multi-Tier Supply Chains 4. 4Copyright 2014 Kinaxis All Rights Reserved.Future State of Multi-Tier Supply ChainsBullwhip Effect Jay Forrester, Industrial Dynamics, 1961Demand-Driven Value Network, AMR Research/Gartner, 1990sKey concept of Demand TranslationMulti-Tier supply commitMulti-Tier ATP 5. Why does End-to-End ATP matter? Lora Cecere 6. Supply Chain Insights LLC Copyright 2014, p. 6Todays Supply Chain isTraditional, Tactical and Cautious 7. Supply Chain Insights LLC Copyright 2014, p. 7e-Commerce Growing in Importance 8. Supply Chain Insights LLC Copyright 2014, p. 8Growing ComplexityVolumeLevel of PredictabilityPredictability based on forecast accuracy vs Actual Order Profiles 9. Supply Chain Insights LLC Copyright 2014, p. 9Evolution of a Network 10. Demand SignalAccurate Weekly Forecasting is ...Delay from Purchase to SignalManaging Demand in a Value Network* Represents emerging markets 11. Supply Chain Insights LLC Copyright 2014, p. 11Business Continuity Risk#sciwebinar 12. Supply Chain Insights LLC Copyright 2014, p. 12GapsMulti-tierATP 13. Supply Chain Insights LLC Copyright 2014, p. 13ERP Not the Answer 14. Supply Chain Insights LLC Copyright 2014, p. 14 eCommerce and multi-tier visibility is growing in importance for all industries. We are managing networks with high variability that are poorly automated. The answer is not ERP.Summary 15. 15Copyright 2014 Kinaxis All Rights Reserved.Seeing it in Action Kerry Zuber Kinaxis 16. 17Copyright 2014 Kinaxis All Rights Reserved.Multi-Tier Supply ChainTablet, LaptopNA_RDC(Phoenix)(Laptop, Tablet Orders)SA_RDC (Lima) (Laptop, Tablet Orders)EMEA_RDC(Lisbon)(Laptop, Tablet Orders)APAC_RDC(Tokyo)(Laptop, Tablet Orders)AmerCDC(Houston)EuroCDC(Amsterdam)NAProd1(San Jose)(Tablet)NAProd2(Toronto)(Laptop)EAProd2 (Oslo)(PC Orders)EAProd1 (Kiev) (Tablet, Laptop)SC001(Taipei)(Boards)SC002(Nagoya)(Screens)SC003(Hanoi)(Boards)SuppliersCustomersPC Direct ShipHigh Tech Products-Tablets-Laptops-Servers / Desktops 17. 18Copyright 2014 Kinaxis All Rights Reserved.Automated Demand Order Scheduling ProcessOE SystemUnscheduled OrdersSchedule Commit Dates- Order Scheduling Rules - User Responsibilities - Exception Alerts - Root Cause Analysis - Collaboration/Option AnalysisRapidResponseSchedule Exceptions 18. 19Copyright 2014 Kinaxis All Rights Reserved.Automated Order Scheduling Objectives / RulesSchedule orders automatically unless a business exception is identifiedDo not negatively impact existing delivery commitments for higher priority demandsBase delivery commitments on the state of the extended supply chain and known constraintsMeet customer request date if possible even when less than stated lead timeOnly suspend scheduling an order if .ATP/CTP is greater than stated lead time and later than customer requestCould establish tolerances for gap between request and ATP/CTPCould test for other conditionsQuantity is greater than xHigh priority customers get supply preferenceRules and Objectives are Highly Configurable Demo environment example: 19. 20Copyright 2014 Kinaxis All Rights Reserved.Demo 20. 21Copyright 2014 Kinaxis All Rights Reserved.Discussion / Q&A Audience | Lora | Kerry | Trevor


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