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1. WEB ICONS Style 5 @ AtBlankCancel$Cash ChatCheck MarkCopy CutDocwww.slideteam.net Your Logo 2. WEB ICONS Style 5Down Download Edit! Exclamation Folder HandiHeartHomeInfowww.slideteam.net Your Logo 3. WEB ICONS Style 5LeftMagnifier MailMinus Music PaintPastePlusKeywww.slideteam.net Your Logo 4. WEB ICONS Style 5 ?PrintQuestionRedo 1Redo 2 Recycle RestartRight SaveShut Downwww.slideteam.net Your Logo 5. WEB ICONS Style 5Sound Stand By FavoritesA Text Trash Tools Up User Undowww.slideteam.netYour Logo 6. WEB ICONS Style 5UsersWeb Zoom InZoom Out LockUn LockClockRSSShopping Cartwww.slideteam.net Your Logo 7. All images are 100% editable in PowerpointChange color, size and orientation of any icon to your likingwww.slideteam.net 8. Ungrouping the object21 31. Right click the object.2. Choose Group and then Ungroup.3. Click beside the object and drag the arrow over it.www.slideteam.net 9. Edit Color 2 311. Select the shape to change the color and Right click the object( click any object which you want to change color)2. Choose Format Shape in the dialog box.3. Choose Fill in the Format Shape box then Solid or Gradient depending on the appearance of the object. Change colour as shown in the picture.www.slideteam.net


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